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Things I never knew about nappies


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Pampers recently took a group of bloggers to their high tech test facility in Germany.  I had to go, not only did it give me the chance of a night away from the small people, but I was also intrigued as to what a nappy test facility would really be like.

You’d have thought that after nearly two and a half years of using nappies and having two in nappies there wouldn’t be much I didn’t know about nappies.

I was wrong.

In fact I learnt quite a few things.

Not least that the brainiacs at Pampers have a special area designed to allow them to put themselves in the place of a baby and a toddler so they can better understand the needs of their customers (the actual users rather than the parents who buy the nappies).  The picture shows me in their toddler sized living room – the floor wobbles, everything is just out of reach and interesting – suddenly I began to see things a bit more like Toddlergirl might!

One big thing I hadn’t realised is that Pampers have a helpline.

Incredibly I’ve opened lots and lots of packets of their nappies but not noticed the little bit that says, to paraphrase, if you have any problems or questions please call us because we can help.

So if you do have any problems or questions give them a call on 0800 328 3281.

They can help with getting the nappies to fit properly (I hadn’t realised that the 4+ and 5+ nappies are a bit more absorbent but only a bit bigger so suit toddlers that are getting bigger but thinner and doing wetter nappies) so that you minimise the risks of nasty leaks.

They also have a team of doctors and scientists who are focused on nappy rash.

We’d realised that leaving Toddlergirl in a dirty nappy when she was teething created incredible blistered rash on her bum.  Turns out that nappy rash is a misnomer and actually its either having a wet or dirty nappy that usually causes it.

But that if you think that the rash might be caused by the nappy or wipes that you’re using or even if you’re worried about the rash you should call them and they will be able to help.  They may even ask you to send the nappy and pictures to them but they will definitely be able to help.

And yes, there has been a lot in the press about the new design of nappies causing nappy rash.

And I admit that before my visit I was sceptical about whether there was some problem with the new design.

I’m confident now that the materials used in the nappies themselves are all food grade, already used widely and totally benign but more importantly reassured that Pampers themselves will take any outbreak of nappy rash that might have been caused by their nappies and look into it in depth to make sure that there isn’t a problem.

Oh and did you know they have a team of highly trained baby testers that work at their research facility…!

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4 comments to Things I never knew about nappies

  • PantsWithNames

    >Love the extra size sitting room. I'm impressed, really I am. Did they mention anything about trying to make disposables more environmentally friendly?

  • randine

    >Wow that is really cool. I've always used Pampers anyways, I just like them because they have Sesame Street characters on them. Now I can say my reasons run deeper.

  • Alice

    >Wow, that place looks amazing, I would love to visit! Interesting reading.

  • Hayley

    >I was far too shy to ask for a picture with that table, I thought that was SO cool! I loved it! Hehe! Glad you all had fun! Wish I'd been on your one 🙁 x

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