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>Notes from my smallholding – feeling rather proud!


Life is good on the mini Muddling farm – the four chicks are settling in nicely (even though one of them seems to have a Puck-esque Mohican…) and Toddlergirl has got over her chicken phobia and now clamours to go and feed them in the morning.  I can’t wait until they get big enough to be safe to be let out (I’m not taking any chances with the crows going for them) and, even better, when they’re big enough to lay for us!

Even better, the veggie patch is doing brilliantly.

Meals over the weekend included home grown potatoes, salad, spinach and herbs.  The peas are doing much better than last year (as in the deer and rabbits have left some for us to eat), the sweetcorn and courgettes are growing and looking promising.  Hopefully we’ll be enjoying them soon.

We’ve also managed to have a fair few strawberries and raspberries – unfortunately Toddlergirl is a fan and tends to grab some as she passes.  She’s not even put off by the electric fence and seems to consider a little shock as a fair price to pay for her bounty…

The apple trees are full of small fruit and the peach tree has lots of mini peaches on – fingers crossed that everything works out.

This week’s main job is going to be to sort out my new veggie bed so its ready for the winter vegetables to go in

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