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>Things I learnt at Cybermummy

>I probably shouldn’t dye my hair blonde – its not a great look for me (but all hail the Vixens & the VERY EXCLUSIVE CLUB, you know who you are my wonderful friends).

Even when you post pictures of the signs you need to follow and the place you need to meet, there’ll always be someone who ends up at the wrong end of Earls Court tube station (yes you know who you are too!)
The friends you have made online are very easy to change into real life friends and that knowing so much about them makes it feel as if you’ve known them forever even though you’ve never hugged.
There is nothing to beat the empathy and love that 180 women (and a few men) in a room can create when hearing wonderful, emotional, descriptive blog posts read by the bloggers themselves.  
Next time the organisers need to provide lots of tissues (see above).
You can end up sat next to someone who thinks and feels exactly as you do and you realise this because you’re tweeting the same thing at the same time.
I can’t wait for the MADs Award Ceremony so I can catch up with some people I missed on Saturday.
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