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>Cybermummy tube meet up – details!

>Right, we have a plan – we’ll be meeting at Earls Court tube station around 9.15 and heading over to the venue together!

Be warned the district line has engineering works but the piccadilly line is operating fine.
You need to get yourself to the Warwick Road exit – follow these signs to end up in the right place.

If you’re in the right place it should look like this – I’ll be standing just past the gates in what is the middle of this picture, just before the ticket machines.

Any problems, twitter me via @muddlingalong (or if you DM me I’ll give you my mobile number)

Roll call (we’ll hang around for a bit but don’t want to miss getting registered etc so let us know if you’re running late please)

Muddling Along Mummy
Karin from Cafe Bebe
Mirka from All Baby Advice
Carol from New Mummy Tips
Ella from Notes from Home
Julie from the Sardine Tin 

Anyone want to join us?

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9 comments to >Cybermummy tube meet up – details!

  • skirts and wellies

    >Have a great time everyone!

  • Carly Yeganeh

    >I'll be joining you too 🙂 x

  • diney

    >Wish I could come (sob!)
    Have a great time x

  • rosiescribble

    >I'll have to see you there. My train doesn't get into Kings Cross until 9.15am.

  • ella

    >I'm coming on the Jubilee line, which is closed, so I'm going to get an earlier train than I planned. Hopefully I'll be there to meet you all, but if I'm not there by 9.15 go ahead without me as I may well have arrived much earlier and gone on to the conference (pesky tube!) x

  • planb

    >Did you stand in the tube and take those pictures?! I'd have mown you down thinking "stupid tourist…."!!! So apologies to everyone who's ever taken a very sensible picture of the tube so that they can meet up with lovely friends (to be).

    I won't be there, but am feeling very sad for that and (weirdly) nostalgic for my commute. Hmm. Think I probably need to get a life!

  • JulieB

    >So looking forward to it. Will have my trusty Twitter (phone) with me in case of emergencies. See you Saturday!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Skirts & wellies – we will, so sorry you can't join us

    Carly – ooops – see you on Saturday!

    diney – I wish you could come, would love to meet you – next time?

    Rosie Scribble – see you there!

    ella – ok, will tweet what's going on anyway

    planb – took them at 9.30 last night so very few people around (and think I was fairly discrete but did worry someone might think tourist rather than local!) Oooh did you commute via Earls Court???

    JulieB – see you Saturday! Will be on twitter etc too

  • New Mummy

    >can't wait to see you again, me and carly are travelling together x

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