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>Run Mummy run!


If you had asked me 9 weeks ago if there was anyway that I would be able to run for 30 minutes non stop by the start of July I’d have nearly ruptured something laughing.

I mean me, I hate running – I hated it at school, I hated it at college and I’ve nicely avoided having to do it for about 15 years.

But the lovely Karin at Cafe Bebe was starting running and didn’t seem to expire on the spot so I decided to give it a whirl.

And a couple of months on I am now hooked.

Yes it hasn’t been fun all the time but I can now run for 30 minutes continuously.

Really I can!

And its really convenient to do, I just pop on my shoes, plug in my ipod and I can go, no gyms, no hassle just off whenever I have a gap in needing to look after the small people.

I can recommend trying out a couch to 5k programme if you fancy giving it a go – it takes you in small steps from hideously unfit and unable to do more than stagger for a minute at a time to proper running.  Its incredible.  Even better you can get an iphone app so you don’t even have to check the time, it just tells you what to do.

Only trouble is deciding what to do next – do I stay running for half an hour, try and step up and do a bridge to 10k programme or start something totally new?

Oh and I have to decide what nice new kit to buy since I promised myself a replacement for my tatty tshirt if I made it this far!

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17 comments to >Run Mummy run!

  • Rose

    >good for you- I just give up too easily running- love yoga though but don't think it has the cardio benefits!

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >So well done my love! I'm proud of you…you're inspiring me back! Must get that programme. And an iPhone! Damn…now I'm depressed.

    Can definitely recommend Reebok gear…great tops that are LONG, thus covering and sucking in any jiggling bits. Nice stuff. 😉


  • London City Mum

    >Of course I now expect you to bring your running kit and shoes to CM so we can go for a detox bridges run on Sunday morning – 5k, perfect!

    And no, I am NOT joking this time!

    LCM x

  • Kate

    >Well done you! I am sooo unfit it is scary and likewise the thought of running or cycling is just awful. Am inspired though and will take a look at that link. Just need to find a place to try running where no-one will see me!

  • susie @newdaynewlesson

    >way to go. Take it you live in a flat community? or are there monstrosities of hills like by me?

  • Anonymous

    >Better still, if there's a PowerPramming or Buggyfit group near you you can take the children along too!

    Rohan gear is cheaper than the big brands (Nike etc) and perfectly good quality. Get some decent trainers though!

  • Mirka

    >Well done. I love running and go 3-4 times a week, started in January, and cannot imagine not running anymore.
    If you are comfortable with 30 min, add extra 10-15, also hope you have some good running shoes. 😉

  • Angela

    >well done. I signed up for the race for life back in January. I hate running, but managed it without stopping at all at the weekend.

    If you enjoy it I would up the distance a bit.

  • Notes to self plus two

    >wow – well done
    Funny, the things that make you want to run!

  • vegemitevix

    >>LOL! LCM beat me to it. I'm bringing running gear. A couple of laps of the park before CM eh!?

  • vegemitevix

    >Or after CM! Running on a hangover is kinda surreal!xx

  • TheMadHouse

    >I am thinking about this. Before I had the mastectomy I wasnt built to run – 36 GG's, I dont have that excuse anymore. Id the ipod think really worth trying do you think? I must get the anemia sorted first, as a sympton is breathlessness

  • jenmum

    >Well done!! And thanks for posting. You've inspired me to give it a go. And even better the prospect of a fitter jenmum has inspired my partner to look after our son whilst i do it!! Now i just hope i'm feeling as positive after the first run!

  • Rachael

    >You are *amazing*! So impressed!

    I need to get back on the horse. Or the trainers. Maybe that's where I was going wrong…

  • Mwa

    >That is amazing!!! I may look into that a while after I drop this baby.

  • Manicmum

    >I'm glad your pelvic floor is up to it! I was advised to stop the running (danger of prolapse) but still sneak off to the park for a quick one now and again (ooo-er!). Took the GirlChild on a 5k charity run/walk. Is so nice to be outside and not dawdling along with a buggy! X

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