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Getting my mojo back – time out works wonders


You know what, you lot were right.

Getting away from it all has done wonders for the old mojo.

Mr Muddling and I have had a lovely couple of days away from the girls and its been bliss.

We have eaten, drunk, slept and been pampered freed from the proximity of our two little dictators and feel refreshed by the whole thing.

I was worried that having decided that this weekend would be a turning point would mean that it was a huge disappointment.  That we could fall out, that things would get worse rather than better.  Fortunately we got the inevitable argument out of the way earlier in the week so didn’t spend our first night away rehashing the eternal niggling points.

I took the advice of my lovely friend Vicki and found that there is a point where you’ve had enough to drink that it frees your from your internal critic and worrier (mine’s not a Boris but I’m definitely considering naming her) and allows you to say oh heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained and to throw yourself into seeing what might happen if you just go for it and to not worry about the worry thighs, the mummy tummy or the droppy boobs.

So now I’m on the other side, my mojo is, if not entirely back to where it was, returning.

We have finally got it back together in bed and it appears that everything is fixed after Babygirl’s arrival and that it is as good as I remember (thank goodness, that was a worry, imagine obsessing about not having sex only to find that it wasn’t worth obsessing about).

So I have a smile on my face, my husband back in my bed and life is pretty good today.

I’m just hoping that, unlike my last time away from the girls, the karmic fallout from having been away and enjoyed myself isn’t too awful!

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