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Debunking some breastfeeding myths


Its funny, there are some people with strange ideas out there about what you can and can’t do whilst breastfeeding.

Most of them are utter tosh.

In fact there really is very little you can’t do whilst breastfeeding, come to think of it, in my normal, daily life, I’m not sure I avoid doing anything because I’m nursing (well ok there’s the dairy free thing for Babygirl but that’s exceptional)

So here are a few of my favourites myths and links to why they are rubbish.

You can’t drink whilst breastfeeding

Its a myth.  In fact you can drink.  Check out this advice from the Breastfeeding Network.  Biggest issue is making sure that you’re still sober enough to care for your baby or have someone who can do it for you.  In fact  I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get through the early days without a few glasses of red wine.

You can’t eat chocolate whilst breastfeeding

Myth.  You don’t need to eat a special diet.  You can eat chocolate.  Ok, some babies may get a bit windy if you eat lots and lots of it but then some babies don’t like garlic, onions, citrus fruit, rhubarb, etc which might not be what you want but there’s no need to live like a monk.  In fact there is evidence that oats can help to increase milk production so you probably should be eating flapjacks.

You can’t go out if you’re breastfeeding

Do people really think that you should be locked in the house if you’re a nursing mum?  Really?  Have you read my post about nursing in public?

Come on, you just need to take your boobs with you.  No bottles, no powder, no sterilising, no need to warm.

And if you wear a sling then you can even do it whilst walking around or queuing at the Post Office.

You can only wear frumpy undies

There are a lot of ugly nursing bras out there especially if you have bigger than the average boobs.  However, there are some lovely, pretty bras if you know where to look and a good place to look is at bras4mums – T-J can even fit you remotely!  I had been wearing the wrong size nursing bra for ages, the difference when I got the right size was incredible – my boobs looked heaps better and well nice undies do make you feel happier (or is it just me who is horribly shallow).


This week is National Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

The  main  aim  of the this week is to raise  awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding, increase  social  acceptance  of  breastfeeding  and  promote  support  for  breastfeeding.

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9 comments to Debunking some breastfeeding myths

  • PantsWithNames

    >I never knew that you were ok to drink a little when breast feeding. Always felt guilty for slurping back the wine – after 9 months of abstinence and no sleep I really needed the treat!

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    >I didn't breast feed but you've answered a few questions I always had going round my head, like the drinking one for example.

    My latest post is about breast feeding and my gripe about a reporter who has taken it upon herself to say it shouldnt' be a choice and women should be made to do it!

    CJ xx

  • Angel Armogida

    >I have one.. it IS possible not to have any milk at all. I was totally unable to breast feed. I had nothing until I tried to use the breast pump a week after giving birth. I used it many times every day and night for 3 weeks and expressed 1 ounce. To make matters worse when I tried to give it to my daughter in a bottle I didn't seal it properly and most of it went down her top. All my hard work and effort :'(


  • Modern Military Mother

    >I drank while breastfeeding – it's a myth. Your body processes the alcohol differently and it doesn't synthesise into the milk.

    I'd love to read a post on what you can do while breastfeeding. By the end of my 2nd child, I could put her in the baby bjorn, plug her in and breast feed while being on a walk without even having to stop. I was pretty agile at keeping her fed on the hoof.

    It's tough on folk if they can't do it for various reasons but it's worth the battle and pain of getting bedded in because once you crack it – it can be fab.

  • Mother Hen

    >The chocolate, I had never heard of but broccoli was a no no as far as wind went.

    And the things that you learn to do while breast feeding your baby as well-
    My husband nearly fell of his chair when we sat down to a spagetti dinner one night and he realised I had the baby boy attached to my breast as I rolled my dinner from spoon to fork.
    I had to eat too!

  • T-J Hughes

    >Great post and one I'll link to the Breastfeeding Carnival if you don't mind? http://support4women.net/?p=362.

    Think there are many more myths than this that need addressing – maybe another day?

    Alcohol – may sound awful, but it did help baby to sleep better if I'd had a glass of wine. I also felt more like me having abstained during pregnancy.

    And if you do need any bra advice, or to talk to another Mum who breastfed, happy to help.

  • Penny Phillips

    >Have breastfed both my children still BF my son who is 7 mnths… Hav fed in some strange places including a church during a service and wasn't the only one a lady behind be was too! Have always indulged in a tipple as our NCT bf counsellor told us it was ok too and that was probably the one thing that stuck in my head. Have loved breastfeeding and get very sad for women who find it hard and experience problems and don't get the right support.

  • Rosemary Cottage

    >Just wanted to add – as a J cup, I really struggled to find nice breastfeeding bras.

    So I didn't bother.

    Wearing breastfeeding bras, that is! I just used a normal underwired bra (I know, I know, ZOMG IF YOU WEAR AN UNDERWIRED BRA WHEN YOU'RE BREASTFEEDING YOU WILL DIE etc but honestly, once your supply has settled, if you're gonna get mastitis, you'll get it regardless of the bra you're wearing) and when my child wanted to nurse, I – shock – pulled the bra fabric down a little and gave him access to the nipple.

    So, there! 🙂

  • marketingtomilk

    >Is that pic photoshopped. If not, i'm totally jealous of Maggie's amazing breasts. Oh and her pretty hunky hubbie too.


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