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>Possibly the worst dress shop in the world?


I was feeling rather pleased with myself, I’ve lost 10 kilos since the start of the year (horray!), have slimmed down into my pre-preggy jeans and the only thing not back to normal size are my boobs.

So it was natural to go into town and think, hey, that’s a pretty dress, why don’t I pop in and see if I can find something in that shop to treat myself?

I live near a town which is firmly in a nappy valley.  The main cliental for this place has to be mummys, so not all of us are going to be a size zero.  In fact I’d be willing to bet that for everyone a size 10 and under there are several bigger than that.

But anyway, feeling all confident that I was back in a size 12 (even a 10 in some things in my wardrobe) I strutted in and had a look around.

And found a lovely wrap dress that would be just perfect.  In a 12.

And I tried it on and realised that it fitted everywhere except the boobs.  And with a GG cup perhaps I should have expected it.

So I exited the changing room and asked the assistant if they had it in a larger size.

Only to be told ‘oh we only take that up to a 12, because its a wrap dress its got flexibility on fit’.

Yup, I have managed to find a dress shop, that despite a size 14 being the national average doesn’t stock clothes that are able to deal with boobs, bums and tums.

My bubble of success has been popped and I’m definitely never setting foot over their threshold again.

So, where would you suggest to shop for someone who is finally getting back their body but has a bit of a Dolly Parton thing going on?

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17 comments to >Possibly the worst dress shop in the world?

  • The Dotterel

    >You know, I'm glad I'm a man.

    Although you should see the trouble I
    have getting size eleven court shoes…

  • Modern Dilemma

    >Well done my lovely on your fantastic weight-loss success! Over the years I have learnt the shops to avoid, the ones who do not size their clothes properly so they can sell size 8's to 12 year olds like my daughter and accordingly, each size upwards is wonky.

    Find the shops which suit you clothes and attitude to sizing wise and you'll be much happier!

    MD xx

  • Mwa

    >No hints here, except I do sympathise. I had this problem FINALLY getting down to a twelve, and then not fitting into any of the "European" sizes like in Zara – the Spanish all seem to be tiny. Oh, and the boobs of course, even though I'm only a D when not pregnant or breastfeeding (when I get to an EE). Still too big for the Spanish.

  • A Muse Inner Me

    >Firstly-well done you! Takes me years to get back into pre-preggy clothes, now I'm back out of them again.

    I don't know how you stayed so calm. My shape is all over the place. When not pregnant Size 12/14 hips. Size 8/10 waist. Size 12/14 boobs and my thighs, well probably a size 16. Nightmare on Oxford Street. Try ASOS.com.They have hundreds of pretty dresses

  • Mrs C

    >Name and shame! Seriously though – M&S may help. They do at least recognise normal sized women!

  • London City Mum

    >White Stuff? Lots of pretty things and wraparound dresses and the like.

    Or WAS it WS you visited?

    Sometimes best bet with being 'top heavy' (sorry!) is to have a pretty lacy camisole under the top part so you can wear a good bra underneath.

    OMG. I sound like a personal shopper. Maybe that is why I am constantly snapping away on my daily commute.

    LCM x

    p.s. fabulously well done on your weight loss – that is VERY impressive

  • TheMadHouse

    >Well done on the weight loss, I used to have terrible issues with clothes, my head was smaller than a breast!!

    I hope you manage to find something

  • Life through the Slim Lens

    >Well done!

    You should name & shame the shop!

  • rosiescribble

    >They only stock to a size 12? That's crazy. I agree, name and shame!

  • vegemitevix

    >Oh I sympathise. I'm about three different sizes and finding something to fit all parts (boobs included) takes some doing. I rather like White Stuff too! My Englishmand recently bought me a skirt and some shorts there. xx (yes I'm back to having clothes bought for me again! sigh)

  • Amy

    >oh i feel your pain i've just found out my boobs are a 36HH which is proving hard to fit in a size 14 which i am. It is very frustrating not being able to squeeze them in.

    Name and shame the shop hun only size 12??? pah!! xx

  • zooarchaeologist

    >Go on tell us, is it the one I think it is? independent, FASHION….

    Ridiculous, did you know that Isabella Oliver 365 has a good sale on this week?

  • PhotoPuddle

    >Congratulations on your weight loss. Sounds like a ridiculous shop. It can't make much money. Don't let it knock your confidence.

  • planb

    >Golly! Well done you! As for the other, I sympathise, or did until I breastfed twins… sadly not a problem I have any more.

    Anyway, in my salad days, I bought a lot of clothes from Bravissimo. Don't scoff, some of the clothes (especially the dresses) are lovely and they're designed to fit small waists and big boobs (yay!) and come in "curvy" (me) and "very curvy" (you – I was only ever an E – other than when breastfeeding – see above!) with the waists and hips being normal sizes…. they're online and in shops, so seriously have a look.

    Good luck, and don't let the stupid idiots get you down.

  • T-J Hughes

    >Have to say as the owner of a bra shop I feel quite proud that we can supply every woman we see (or recommend custom made for those over an L cup!).
    At shows we often get told by women that we can't help them….and they won't even give us a go! That's infuriating as well….when I can see perfectly well that we can!
    Have you tried Bravissimo? They're doing more clothing now, although have to confess I haven't looked at their new catalogue.

  • Heather

    >urgh, I despise those shops that try to peddle 12 as the large size, i refuse to even go in them. Well, that and i'm a size 14 so not much bleeding point anyway!

  • scribblingmum

    >Oooh oooh, me, me, was it Karen Millen? I haven't been back in there since I asked for a Size 14 and the music scratched to utter silence, everyone turned to look at me in disgust and I was told by the rake of a shop assistant that they didn't 'make them up to that size'. Tell, tell, was it them?

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