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>Motherhood… blurred & blessed


I don’t usually post things as personal as this but Tara’s theme this week of Motherhood resonated with me.

Becoming a mother happened faster than I could deal with, than we could deal with.

For Toddlergirl Mr was only there for literally the moment Toddlergirl arrived and our wonderful midwife took these photos of us looking shell shocked.  Shell shocked but yet confident our baby was a marvel and we’d done well.

And together as a family.

When Babygirl arrived in a fraction of the time there is only one, and not very good photo, but I love it, because I know that at that the reason its shaky is because it was taken as Mr came rushing in, hearing her cry and realising she’d survived being born – he hadn’t wanted to be there in case she’d been stillborn, had focused on Toddlergirl and he said that he’d stood in our hall cuddling our big girl and waiting to hear her cry.  And then come in to see this.

There were times when I doubted my body would let me be the mother to two babies but it has.

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