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>Karmic consequences


So every action has an equal an opposite reaction?

It would appear so.

Not least it would appear that the karmic downside of a day and a good night’s sleep away* was a few unexpected consequences.  

That in the small time since I’ve been back home –

  • Super Nanny has resigned, leaving us for a fabulous not-nanny job but leaving us without a nanny from the day my new job starts.  Gulp.
  • Mother in Law’s back is terribly bad again.  Possibly needing more surgery.  So she’s horribly miserable and bed bound.  I’ve extended our trip down there this weekend to make sure we can look after her, stock up her fridge, help her out but, and this makes me feel horribly selfish, I’m finding it tough not to be a little miffed that my plans for Saturday are being rewritten whilst Mr still gets his Friday/Saturday pass off to go sailing.
  • Toddlergirl has been sick EVERYWHERE.  Next time she tells me she has an itchy tummy at bedtime I’m going to cover her, the bed and her toys in towels.  It also turns out that Big Ears may not be machine washable…

But it was a lovely time away.  I learnt lots (proper blog post to follow) but this isn’t quite the return home I had hoped for.

Oh and if I mention the cistern in our downstairs loo has stopped working does that start another run of three bad things?

* thank you Pampers

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6 comments to >Karmic consequences

  • TheMadHouse

    >My oh my, what a pants situation. I hope you manage to get something sorted

  • Muma talk

    >Oh dear, I hope you get some of the good reactions back now to counter the bad x

  • nuttynewmumofone

    >They say it comes in threes, so you've had more than your lot now.

  • andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou

    >Oh dear that is so not good, I hope you get it all sorted soon x

  • Hayley

    >Ohhhh Hun it's awful when days end that way isn't
    it. Can't wait to read your post on what u did and learnt

  • vegemitevix

    >Nooooooooooooo! I know exactly what you mean about the karma thingy. Sorry you've had such a pants homecoming. It doesn't help but I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday was shite for me too, and left me wondering why the hell I've made all the sacrifices I have, to be here…

    Anyhoooo onwards and upwards..for us both! There'll be a better nanny around the corner. Promise.

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