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>Service suspended until I get some sleep



VERY tired.

I. Need. Some. Sleep.

Something has messed up Toddlergirl’s sleep again.  Sigh.

We usually have a couple of bad nights each week but these last few days have been back to back bad.

She has taken against sleeping in her bed, has taken against waking in the night and not having one of us with her, has taken against going back to sleep after she wakes.

I don’t know what’s caused this current phase but its really hard work, not least when I have to get out of her bed to feed Babygirl (I defy anyone to manage to nurse whilst sleeping in a single bed with a toddler!) and then she realises I’ve gone and wakes up unhappy to be on her own.

I’m using the Mummy Mantra – this too will pass and desperately holding onto the fact I’ve my first night away from them both tomorrow night.

I can’t wait!

Normal blogging service will probably resume after then.

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