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>Grumpy old woman – loutish behaviour is not manly or cool


I’m having another of those moments where I wonder whether I’m the only one looking askance at something.

This week I was astounded to hear an advert on the radio for a promotion Absolute Radio are doing for Old Spice.

It turns out that they consider their product to smell of jet engines and punching. And that these things epitomise ‘manliness’.


We’re telling the world we consider punching to be a desirable thing?

That men aren’t real men unless they are aggressive and hit things / people?

There are so many ways in which that seems wrong to me – not least the assumption that its an attractive trait in a man.

I certainly don’t want to encourage the men in my life to think that punching anyone is behaviour that is in the slightest bit acceptable, let alone something that they would want to buy into.

What were you thinking Absolute and Old Spice?

And then the next ad break came on and it got worse.

 There was an advert for Peperami, yes they’re normally Ade Edmondson being all shouty which is all fine but who at the ad agency thought it was a good idea to go for a set of World Cup adverts where they channel all derogatory ideas towards the other competing nations and then make a ‘shouty mascot‘ which people can win.

 Oh yes, lets get our children learning to shout abuse at people, lets taunt the other sides with xenophobic dated views, yes lets make hooliganish behaviour seem something that you want to aspire to during a World Cup.

Am I the only one who thinks that these ads are stepping over a line as to what is really acceptable?  That perhaps common sense would say these are not really the right thing to be promoting?

Or am I just a grumpy old woman

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8 comments to >Grumpy old woman – loutish behaviour is not manly or cool

  • Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina

    >Sound just delightful.

    We have a "boobs with everything" issue here, but I think I'd rather have that than what you just described.

  • Aly

    >The ad was for Old Spice which I remember being worn by my dad in the 80's where that was acepted to be what a man was.Obviously they haven't sped their way into the 21st century or they realised we want men diving off cliff with their shirt unbuttoned and their unshaven face being framed by long scraggly hair……Sorry, I lost myself there.We have a rule where only allowed inside voices are used indoors so no copying of 'shouty' ads allowed.But it does make you wonder what sort of message it is sending to kids and adults.

  • @jencull (jen)

    >The ad for Old Spice that I remember was surfing a massive wave and a dude with fab muscles, that is it. Aren't these ads on after the watershed? They shouldn't be shown before 8pm methinks

  • Debbie(single;complicated)

    >I do think we see the world differenly as moms. We see the ads for men and think of our daughters and the men they might marry.. we think of our sons and the husband and man they shall be. NOT to menton all the ideas our kids are getting from thngs they see on TV.

  • Michelle

    >If you are grumpy, then I am as well! Loads of adverts are just rubbish nowadays. Mich x

  • justherdingcats

    >I cant bear adverts and mute the lot of them- very grumpy generally today especially as having to rustle up catering for 12 for a "world cup party' tonight that my husband has impromptually arranged for him and the boys – oh and my friend is coming with a three year old and six year old who I doubt will watch football. hhhhhrrruumphhhh

  • Cheshire mum

    >If that makes you a grumpy old woman then that's you & me together on that!

  • Livi

    >Hear Hear! Common sense is a long forgotten trait now!
    I'm forever despairing of the modern world, send me back to the 50s, please!

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