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Flicking a switch – diary free rocks!


Its at times like this I wish I posted more pictures of my girls because its as if someone has flicked a switch in Babygirl and turned her into a totally different baby.

The strict dairy free diet is working.

No that’s wrong, its not working its a miracle.

Its almost as if she’s a completely different baby.

She is happy.  She smiles.  She is fun to be with.  She even sleeps!!!!  And when I say sleeps I mean an hour nap in the morning, an hour in the afternoon and not waking three or four times at night!

Her skin is free of eczema and beautifully smooth, she doesn’t writhe in pain, she enjoys her food.

Incredibly, wonderfully, she now smells of baby and not sick.

The only trouble is that her smell is unfamiliar to me but I’m determined to snuffle her neck and learn it, to learn how my baby smells when she isn’t covered in sick, because there hasn’t been a time when she hasn’t been.  She even used to vomit as we got her out of the bath.

And then the waves of guilt rush in, making me realise how she wasn’t grumpy, how she wasn’t difficult, she was just uncomfortable and desperately trying to thrive on my milk which was causing all of this.  Why oh why didn’t I pick up on it earlier?

The other great thing is that whilst going dairy free is a bit of a hassle we’re getting into the swing of things now and its actually not all that tricky, we’re using oat milk in cooking, dairy free marg instead of butter and reading labels carefully.  I guess we’re lucky that we don’t use too many things out of packets so at least when we give her something we’ve made we know its going to be ok.

Next challenge is finding a decent dairy free biscuit, rumour has it that Hob Nobs might be ok!

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19 comments to Flicking a switch – diary free rocks!

  • Rebecca

    >So glad that your little one is happier and healthier with a dairy free diet. It's bound to not suit some people, as cows milk is created for baby cows really. I'm sure you have already realised this but most health food shops and even larger supermarkets now have dairy free sections. Enjoy that lovely baby smell!

  • HoaxCaller

    >My firstborn was lactose intolerant and it took them WEEKS to work out what was wrong with her, putting down her symptoms to me being a neurotic new mum. When her weight at 6 weeks dropped to 4lb 10 they finally took action. Something so simple as a change to soya had such a quick impact. I was breastfeeding and told to switch to soya too and it was the healthiest I ever felt. Before she outgrew it, I obsessed over label and my food shopping trip used to take hours. Usually the cheap supermarket brands of biscuits, cereal and crisps (yes cow's milk is in crisp flavouring) are the best options for no dairy.
    I'm glad she and you are much happier!

  • Magic Mummy

    >It's amazing the change that it makes isn't it? My friend has a little boy and the same thing happened when she changed to a dairy free diary.

    You shouldn't feel guilty though, I would have been the same…. You just enjoy your happy baby x x

  • SeaThreePeeO

    >I am glad that your little one is feeling so much better.

    Sometiumes I wonder if this was the reason my youngest was such a sicky restless baby. It makes me guilty that it never crossed my mind.

    Good luck with finding the perfect biscuit!

  • MissSearles

    >Dont feel bad for not realising sooner! I've had to change to a dairy free(and a hell of alot of other stuff free lol) diet and its making me feel tons better, my um pointed out that its probably why i was so unsettled as a baby too, id fuss after having milk and throw up all the time but they never linked it…its only taken me 22years to work it out!
    Hope it continues going well for you 🙂

  • bronagh

    >So so glad BabyGirl is doing better!

  • Vix

    >Hurrah, glad things are better for you. Bourbons are dairy free, mmmmm straight out of the fridge is best! Oh and dairy free marg makes the BEST cakes in the world… so light and fluffy!

  • Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina

    >Oh love don't feel bad, took my sister 24 years to find out that her insides really couldn't cope with milk products.

    She has found loads of subsitiutes, she goes to mainstream supermarkets and some health food shops, it took a bit of trial and error but she got it all sorted quite quickly.

  • Myshka

    >Muddling… I'm thrilled for you- it's like you get to rediscover babygirl all over again. Awesome. Well done for being such a super mummy. Oh, and maybe try and make dairy-free biscuits from scratch? (I'm a hypocrite though, because if I tried to do something like that, I'd probably burn them to a crisp and the entire kitchen with it..) xo

  • @jencull (jen)

    >That is great news. I completely understand what you say about the smell of your child. I too was used to the smell of puke and it too a while to adapt. Enjoy adapting 😀

  • Snaffles Mummy

    >Thats great news. Gald you are finding an alternative and that she is back to her happy self.

  • TheMadHouse

    >What a fantastic post, I have been though similar with both the boys, but contented children mean contented parents, not always the other way round. Well done

  • Hayley

    >What wonderful news! I'm so glad its working well for her hun! xx

  • PhotoPuddle

    >How fantastic. What a relief for you. And what a great excuse to buy hobnobs!

  • Alisa

    >That is so fantastic! And I agree with the others, you certainly shouldn't feel guilty. It isn't as obvious as it seems and so easy to overlook when your little one can't tell you what is wrong.

  • Mwa

    >Dancing with delight that she feels better!

  • Thanks for the link to this. My only concern is that Eddy wasn’t unhappy before the switch, just not growing!

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