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>Baby led weaning diary – now try it with no dairy


As I said yesterday, things have been very one step forward, two steps back.

Not least in respect of Babygirl and her transition from milk to solid food.

I have finally faced the issue that she didn’t seem totally happy with dairy produce and got us a referral to a very nice consultant paediatric gastroenterologist.  I went along with a full page of paper detailing everything that has happened during my pregnancy and since she was born.

Within 15 minutes he was completely convinced that she is intolerant of milk protein and we have been put on a strict diet of no dairy.

Which means no milk, no cheese, no yoghurt, no margarine (although there are some that can sneak through), no chocolate, no moon biscuits, no crumpets, no muffins.  A list that seems to grow by the day.

More importantly it means no formula.


I had said I was feeling a bit trapped by breastfeeding well now I’m really very very trapped by it.  The conclusion is that she can’t have anything except the very safe formulas and they reckon there’s no chance she’ll drink it because she’s used to lovely sweet breastmilk.

So we are faced with me having to continue to express one daytime feed when I’m back at work and finding ways around the other feed – current attempt is snacks at elevenses and the odd bit of oat milk.  Put it this way I think we’re going to be getting frequent flyer points at the hospital where the dietician is based!

On the plus side the whole baby led weaning process means she’s got a good range of foods, we just now have to work out how to adjust our staples to cut out dairy and I’m realising just how much dairy Toddlergirl had when we started out with her.

Finally thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give me advice, to email, to tweet and to share with me their experiences – its been incredibly helpful to me and I’m really incredibly grateful.

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5 comments to >Baby led weaning diary – now try it with no dairy

  • jumblyMummy

    >Read your post yesterday but couldn't comment cos I was at work. It must be hard with the dairy intolerance – life throws these challenges at us to see how we respond. Thankfully, because you are BLW there are more doors open to you, imagine if you were reliant on pots/jars of things you had no control over the ingredients, or if your baby was only eating purees still. Anyway, I know a millio people have given you tips on how to cope and I can't offer any experience but I can say, stay mellow and things will settle themselves and you'll find a diet that works and a milk solution that works for you. Best of luck, Emma.

  • Hearth-mother

    >We've never had to deal with anything this tricky. But I am now dealing with the possibility of the breastfeeding ending, because at ten months I seem to be being 'rejected'. Ouch!

  • Mummywhisperer

    >I had another mate with a similar problem. It might be worth atleast one try with the 'safe' formulas – her daughter did go for it, despite the lovely breast milk she was used to. Even if it is just once per day, it might help reduce the pressure on you.
    Does pesto have dairy in it? – max's fave meal from day1 was plain old pasta with pesto on it – I add a some ham & sweetcorn etc when I'm trying to make a more balanced meal. He likes the standard green basil one, I prefer the tomatoe one, so we add the pesto separately to each bowl.
    What about dips like gaucamole & carrots, cucumber & breadsticks?
    Good luck with it all – remember, it will get easier cos she will grow up & this pressure will be over.

  • Mwa

    >I remember my nephew not having any milk for two years. It's so hard! I hope you can find a routine quickly, with things you are allowed.

  • Sonny


    my little boy we think is dairy intolerant. He is now 10months as we have avoided dairy so far in his diet (we moved to Nutramigen at 5 months).

    Yesterday we tried a ‘re-challenge’ with a piece of malted milk biscuit and an hour later he was screaming the house down.

    How did you cope with trying to re-challenge knowing that it was going to case your little one pain. It just brought back so many bad memories and I know he isn’t as badly effected as some!

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