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>One step forward, two steps back



We have not had a good few days, in fact we have not had a good week.   Everything I do at the moment seems to have unexpected and undesirable consequences.

Take the new patio we’re building at the end of the garden – its designed to make a mound made out of the foundations of the extension handily left there by the previous owners into something nice rather than unslightly.  Its been great watching it come together and seeing that we have made the right decision.  Until one of the builders dropped a whole load of soil down our soakaway* and blocked it.

Cue emergency visits from our lovely tank men to power sluice it and the conclusion that it was blocked.

Worst case this means getting the whole thing dug up.  Something we are hoping the patio people will pay for, not least because I told them roughly twice a day to get NOTHING down that manhole cover.

Then there’s my vegetable patch which I have been lovingly cultivating these last weeks.  Which has been looking divine, including my new little herb bed.

We decided to put boards in around the edges to make it look neater.

Current result is that the herb bed has been trashed and the whole area looks terrible… I’m sure it’ll recover but its still frustrating (and if my asparagus bed has suffered I am going to be soooooooooooooooo cross).

Then there’s the girls, turns out Babygirl is allergic to milk protein.  Very intolerant of it.  So we’re now on strict dairy free and it looks as if I’ll never be able to give up breastfeeding.  Which makes me feel horribly selfish that I’m so worried about it.

Toddlergirl has been awfully poorly all weekend with an unspecified bug that has caused her to have a high temperature and be totally under the weather (she even refused to eat a BANANA – unprecedented!) and as a result hasn’t slept.  And is still refusing to sleep which I guess means we’re back to sleep training again.  Oh joys.

Hopefully the weather will improve, the sun will shine and all of these things will be minor past irritations before I know it!  But at least for the moment I’m not going to do a thing in case it makes something else worse than it was before I started.

*we are off mains drainage so have a septic tank with a soakaway for the excess water.  We obsess over this tank, we have finally got it tamed after various improvements and it was up until this point working perfectly.  If it hadn’t been we would never have decided to build a patio by one of its inspection hatches… I’m not crazy and I don’t fancy drinking my sundowners to the smell of sewage.

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10 comments to >One step forward, two steps back

  • JulieB

    >Oh dear, you really have had a bad time of it recently – so sorry to hear that. Keeping everything crossed that things improve with a little sunshine thrown in for good measure over the next couple of days. x

  • @jencull (jen)

    >Well that is more than three things (things happen in threes) so you have had more than your fair share. I hereby declare that all will go well from now on. I really hope it does.

    BTW, I had my children on special formula for milk protein intolerance, my sons weren't even able to handle breastmilk (if I had only I had known instead of exhausting myself!). I can email you the name if you want:)


  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thanks Jen – we're hopefully getting a prescription for something that'll mean I can drop at least one day feed (she only just tolerates my milk – most of it sicks back up again but she's keeping down enough to thrive thank goodness). Definitely hoping that we've done enough bad things for it to all be plain sailing from here in

    JulieB – the sun is shining and I have my fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong for a bit!

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Yuk – hate those kind of weeks. One that you just have to grit your teeth and get through in one piece. This time next week things will be so much better.

  • Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina

    >Oh love, life can feel so tough when it all happens at once.

    Big fat hug and hoping that the next "coming in waves" phase is good stuff.

    Big horrible universe needs a kick for picking on you.

  • TheMadHouse

    >Oh My I think you have had your fair share of horribles havent you. I do hope things improve.

  • The Moiderer

    >We also had a septic tank and got it replaced when it was constantly blocking (bleurgh big time!). We replaced it with a Klargester Biodisc. They are expensive but bloomin marvellous. No more smell, no more blockages and no more manholes to worry about.

  • kat @ slugs

    >hugs, mama. We are wondering about Georgia having a milk protein intolerance as well…so I too am dairy free.

    And I do know how tough it is to breastfeed when you don't really want to. I continued on for a year past what I wanted because Ellis had a number of other issues we were trying to resolve and we didn't feel it was fair to change that too. It was grotty. I hope you can find a solution that works for all of you.

  • New Mummy

    >Oh no hun, I hope it all gets better for you soon x

  • Mwa

    >Doing nothing sounds like a great plan – you need a break!

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