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>The best commute ever?

>Twitter has made my life an awful lot better – take as an example an ‘interesting’ commute I had the other day…
Normal commuter train full of suits.

I was in the seat next to the window and a male suit squeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeeeeed himself into the seat next to me.  And he took up a bit more than his seat so I looked up from checking my email/Twitter/Facebook/blog.

Which with hindsight was a bit of mistake.

Because this suit was texting.

And you know there are moments when you should look away.

But you I didn’t because I have nosey twonk genes and well his phone had REALLY BIG text so I could easily read every word.

And this chap wasn’t texting to say he was on the train and on his way home.  Oh no.  There were some funny words which meant I couldn’t stop reading.  Because this chap was sex texting.

So naturally I pulled my book up close to my chest, hid my phone in it and started frantically relaying the details to my Twitter friends.

Because when you are sat reading really, really bad sex text stuff there is nothing like sharing with other people so they can cringe with you.

And it was cringe worthy.

But you know, kind of harmless.

Until he took out another (identical) phone and texted to say he’d be at the station in 10 minutes.

Which left me with a rather nasty taste in my mouth because he was obviously sex texting one person whilst having another at home…. Or maybe not and I was just misunderstanding it.

In the way that you can misunderstand someone texting someone else about their hot throbbing c**k and the such like.

Only trouble is that I didn’t save the tweets so I could share them with you!

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8 comments to >The best commute ever?

  • London City Mum

    >Now what I want to know is whether he has yet used the wrong phone to text the wrong person, given that they were identical (the phones, that is).

    Obviously not.

    Or maybe if you have him squuuuueeeeezzzeeee himself next to you again and is sporting a nice shiner over one of his eyes, you will know the answer?

    And I bet he has a really small willy too.

    LCM x

  • planb

    >Oh you tease! I got all excited (tho not like that) thinking you were going to share the texts with us… and then… nothing.

    Highly amusing though. Almost makes me miss my commute (not).

  • FrauHopkins

    >What a shame I missed your tweets about this, sounds like they were thoroughly entertaining!

  • Rose

    >Oh no! he was clearly up to no good. Those commuter guys on trains make me giggle- I used to get a commuter train that went to kent but I got off early. They all get on with 4 beers and 2 sandwiches, eat them and start drinking and then say they'll be in Tunbridge Wells or wherever and what's for supper- and I'm thinking you've had my daily calories as a nifty snack on the train!

    Never saw any adulterous texts though- funny and really sad

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >Oh, I remember this commute…you always entertained us with your commutes! Can't wait for you to go back to work…

    On another note, ew! I'm a beaky boo too so I can understand. I find I always get quite a headache when I'm spying on something. Beaky hazard! 😉

  • Emily O

    >How funny, maybe he lives with his parents so the second text was to his mum? Perhaps. I agree with LCM, one day he could get his phones mixed up. You sort of wish he would don't you?

  • PhotoPuddle

    >My first thought was also about whether he'd ever got the phones mixed up.
    I must admit I wouldn't have been able to resist looking at what her was writing either.

  • Mwa

    >Yes, that would make a commute more interesting.

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