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>Grumpy old woman – your inability to find reverse isn’t my problem


Another week, another grumpy moment.

Seriously I think I am turning into my mother – there must be something about either hitting the middle of our thirties or not having enough sleep that creates an inability to suffer the general irritations of life.

Anyway, this week I have mostly been narked by bad drivers.  And there are a lot of bad drivers around where we live.  I’ve driven in London and it was nothing compared to trying to navigate around town around school pick up time.

It appears that where we live the size of your car is in inverse proportion to your ability to find the reverse gear.

So there are an awful lot of people (and this is not just limited to blonde yummy mummies unable to see where the road is because their sunglasses have slipped out of their hair) who steam up these narrow country roads, are incredibly reluctant to move over to give anyone else space to pass and where the road gets really tight keep driving forward rather than reverse a couple of feet to go into a passing place…

Why can’t you find reverse?

Reversing doesn’t reduce your masculinity.

Reversing is a key part of the driving test so you do know how to do it.

Reverse is clearly marked on your gear stick.

Please try and work out how to do it – its not that great a thing.  Really.

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8 comments to >Grumpy old woman – your inability to find reverse isn’t my problem

  • Chrissie

    >This is the bane of my existance as I drive a lot for work. I avoid travelling through town during school pick up and drop off times! On a side note…once saw a SMARTCar with parking sensors…my thoughts..if you can't park a smart car you shouldn't be driving!



  • Nova

    >Grrr, we live in the country with narrow lanes and I am always having to reverse….not just for women though. I hate it as I have a huge car ( needed for 5 children) and it is so difficult. Often I find myself reversing for what feels like miles and yet if they did it it was a short reverse. Really upsets me and makes me angry so totally understand.

  • Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina

    >Hysterical holy, magic, healing water seeking pilgrims can't reverse either.

    In their thousands they descend on a teeny track with tractors (and my Multipla) and the like needing to go about their business and they just sit there and panic like rabbits caught in the headlights rather than back up two meters into the spaces made on the verge for the very purpose of providing passing opportunities.

    The magic, holy, healing water not only has no effect on their many (often hysterical) maladies and neither does it cure anti-reserve-itus, as proved by a repeat performance when they leave the charlatan-Guru's magic water hovel.

    A pox be upon them.

  • Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina

    >That would be anti-reverse-itus, crossness does nothing for my ability to spell.

  • London City Mum

    >Aha! Yes but you see reverse gear also entails for said drivers the need to look down at the gear stick, thus meaning that they cannot see themselves in the mirror (for putting on lippy of course) or continue to talk on their mobile phones (which despite everything are still glued to their ears, those ghastly bluetooth thingies are so ghastly dah-ling), and what's more why bother having such a large pompous idiotic 4WD if you CAN drive?
    Plus these drivers are typically seated so close to the steering wheel that the gear box is – literally – behind them, both in terms of vision as well as field of reach.

    I mean, we all know they have these cars precisely because they barely passed their driving test. It is insurance-in-a-box courtesy of the hubby.

    I won't even mention what I yell at them when out and about on my bike (motor or cycle) as it is unprintable and this is a family-friendly blog, yes?

    LCM x

  • MuddynoSugar

    >Oh, I so agree, similarly **prepares to offend many** If you are going to buy an enormous fuel guzzelling beast of a car, at least be able to drive it.
    a) know where reverse is, and the many other gears..
    b) the indicators are on the funny round thing you steer with
    c) Those shiny things on the side of your car are called wing mirrors. These help you see what's going on outside your house of a car, along with the see-through thing in front of you!

    Ok you have got me, I am so grumpy and this is one of the (many) things that really get me going – I apologies for any offense caused.

  • Working Mum

    >You've hit the nail on the head there – using reverse means admitting defeat and retreating – some people just aren't big enough to do it!

  • B

    >This made me laugh, because I'm also turning into a grumpy young woman! 🙂 But well said!

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