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>Technophobe or Technogeek – the iPad?


Incredibly this is not a post sponsored by Apple, in fact I try very hard not to like Apple and I was more than a little narked that Mr had gone out and handed them even more of our hard earned spending vouchers.


Let’s not understate this, Mr is a right techno nerd, a geek, an egg head.  Give him a new gadget and he’s in geek heaven.

In fact when he opened the brown box and revealed the box containing his iPad it sounded like Christmas, Easter and his birthday rolled into one.

And these noises continued as he started to link it up, plug it in and get it set up.

I’m not a gadget person.  I’ve been bought many things that just didn’t do it for me – MP3 players, cameras, various bits and pieces.  The only gadgets that I have ever truly loved and which I really couldn’t live without are my iPhone and my macbook.  For me these together give me everything I need – something small and wizzy for out and about use and something bigger with a proper keyboard for everyday use.

I had pre-judged that the iPad would be a gimmick, something that wouldn’t add anything to my life.  So when one turned up this evening, well I was prepared to roll my eyes and dismiss it as another gadget cluttering up our lives.

Sadly it turns out I might be wrong – which is a problem given we are now a two fan, one iPad household.

Let me explain why.

Its beautiful.  Apple have made it even nicer than the iPhone.  It has a lovely matt aluminium case, its more square, more tactile.

The screen is incredible.  Crystal clear.  A great size.  The touch screen technology that was cutting edge on the iPhone transfers seamlessly to the iPad – you can flip through pages of the FT, slide between columns in Tweetdeck, zoom in on your house on google maps.

I had assumed it would be a beast to type on, the iPhone keyboard isn’t that great to be honest (especially the freaky things the spell checker does) but I can even touch type on its keyboard (memo to self, turn off the clicking noise next time).

On the downside we tried voice searching on google and Muddling Along Mummy came up as modelling a lawn mower…

It is a bit heavy to hold up and read – its heavier than a hardback book.

The apps are a lot more pricey (£5 for scrabble although you can then use your iPhone as your tile holder which is kind of sweet).

The sound quality on You Tube was a bit low and a bit tinny but I’m guessing in no time at all there will be speaker add ons for those who want it and it sounded more than fine on headphones.

It is also not waterproof which means you can’t use it in the bath – but then there are traditional books for this or you could find a geek that has got over the initial excitement about the iPad and share with them…

Oh and here’s a quick demo of it in action on Tweetdeck – isn’t it lovely !

p.s. Mr insists I point out that it is flawed for not supporting Adobe Flash and that he only bought it so that the girls could watch Curious George… yeah right!

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7 comments to >Technophobe or Technogeek – the iPad?

  • Liz@Violet Posy

    >Love mine too and the having only one will cause problems here too! x

  • PhotoPuddle

    >I must admit I don't "get" the iPad. Well not yet anyway. I like the iPhone and iTouch and get the point them. But isn't the iPad just a big one of them in which case why not just use a laptop. I am waiting to see how and when I am converted though. LOL!

  • @jencull (jen)

    >I admit to be all the things you said your husband, a geek, a nerd and I would also be in geeky/nerdy heaven if I got an iPad. Am delighted with your take on it, if it can convert a non-geek it must be even better. I too don't like that iPhone/iPad/iTouch don't support flash, it is the only flaw I have found so far, gggrrr. Jen

  • Muma talk

    >I reeeeeeally want one. I do like gadgets and hubby even more so. I am quite sure we totally NEED one. But we may have to wait a bit longer.Sob.*runs off to find anything of any value at all she can sell on ebay*

  • Nova

    >I better start a savings pot for an ipad…getting very very envious of all the owners of one! ;0)

  • dulwich divorcee

    >Oooooh I want one!

  • peabee72

    >I was an early dissenter but have since completely turned. A very nice man gave me a demo on the tube recently and I fell completely in love. I REALLY want one now!


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