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>MADs madness?


I think I mentioned before that I am one of five blogs that are the finalists for best baby blog at the MADs awards along with Babyrambles, Young & Younger, New Mummy, and Mellow Mummy.

I’m not expecting to win for the simple reason that I haven’t told my family and friends that I write this blog which makes reaching out to the papers as some other finalists have done feel rather impossible.

Which is not to say that I’m not really, really tempted to out myself and give myself a chance of being in the running.  To be honest I have dithered about telling people, I’ve even mentioned in passing to some friends that I write a blog.  And then I’ve backed right off and hidden it away again.

Deciding to not reveal this blog wasn’t a conscious decision when I started out.

Initially I was being discrete because I didn’t want work to pick up on it (I’m still not sure I would want them to read this – I like my compartments staying separate).

Gradually it became a place that I was very honest about what was happening to me and able to lay it all out – in real life I found it harder to expose my weaknesses and vulnerabilities and to explain to friends and family just how horrid things were with my pregnancy.

Once Babygirl safely arrived and a whole new set of issues arrived I realised that I could continue to be honest and perhaps that laying it out frankly might help someone else going through the same issues.  It turned out I got a huge amount of support and love from my bloggy friends and that there were other people who had been there, done that and got the t-shirt and who were more than ready to help me through.

So here I am, fiercely competitive by nature, yet holding back from waving a big flag, getting a bumper sticker and telling the world about my blog.

Not because I am not proud of it – I am and I’m utterly chuffed I got this far in the competition, but because being away from the view of those closest to me means I can be incredibly frank and that helps me work though things and hopefully might help someone else in the future going through those things.

In short, please consider voting for me if you like what I do, but first go and make sure you look at the others in this category, our experiences are diverse and different but we are all alike in some ways, we’re blogging as we go through this first year with our babies.

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8 comments to >MADs madness?

  • Rachael

    >Well, if it helps you already have my vote!

    I can sympathise. We're two sides of the same coin, I think. I've made my blog fairly public, but as a consequence I don't write about anything personal, because I don't want it out there and I put everything in compartments. You've kept your blog anonymous, but it's so beautifully honest.

  • @jencull

    >I didn't realise people had gone to papers, wow. Good luck with the finals 🙂 Jen.

  • The Dotterel

    >Although I've 'gone to the 'papers…' I do understand your reticence. Not having planned my blog or thought about it or, indeed, known anything about blogging before beginning I just jumped in feet first, names and all. But I'm not sure, now, I'd be as candid.

    But it's a but too late for me!

  • spudballoo

    >Surely there is more value, for you, in having a safe place to offload and get support and advice? Surely that's much more valuable than a bloggy award which, after all, is just a silly award, if you assume that blogging is about writing and creating a community rather than public accolades? And, erm, it's not exactly a Nobel Prize in the offing is it, LOL.

    In your shoes, I don't think I'd go public. I think your blog could very easily be used against you given your line of work and the devastatingly sexist and judgemental nature of the industry you're in.

    twould be fun to win. But, step back, it's just a silly award – nothing more. What you have here is priceless, you can't put a price on it.


  • Baking Mad Mama

    >Ah, this rings so many bells, I'm in exactly the same position in terms of the big reveal about my blog.
    Like you, I really don't want my work to find it, but also I often use my blog as a channel to communicate stuff that I sometimes feel I can't talk to 'real' people about (no offense to the lovely blogosphere of course).
    The other day I mentioned in passing to someone about it and now I am being badgered to send her the url which I'm not sure I'm higely comfortable with!
    In terms of the MADs, you've done amazingly well to be shortlisted, so well done and I'll have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Mwa

    >I'm in the closet, too. For exactly the same reasons.

    I nominated you in this category, so if I ever get around to voting… 🙂

  • Emily O

    >I'm similar to you, it wasn't so long ago that my blog was completely anonymous. My Mum now knows of its existence but I haven't asked her to vote for me yet. And I haven't asked friends either, many of them don't know I write it. I've asked one or two people I work for if they'd like to vote for me but I struggle with appealing to the blogging community because I feel they know enough about the other blogs to make their mind up. The same approach as you, I think you're being very tactful about the competition and thanks for mentioning your co-nominees! If it helps, I nominated you in this category too!

  • If I Could Escape . . .

    >While my blog isn't completely anonymous, my hubby's family doesn't really know about it. Not that I ever blog about them, but still I'm not really looking to broadcast it. I don't think!

    Good luck!

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