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Whilst I’m out – how are you fabulous?

I might have mentioned in passing that tonight I’m off out to see a preview of the new Sex and the City movie.

I did?

Funny that given I am incredibly excited to get to see it (and without having to wait until the DVD comes out!) and they are giving us cocktails to drink too!

The lovely people who have invited me have sent me a copy of the first film but I already have one and so I’m going to give it away to one of my readers so they can enjoy it too.

To enter please leave a comment below telling me why you are fabulous.

Get an extra entry if you follow me and mention this post on Twitter (let me know in the comments below that you’ve done that so I know).

The winner will be drawn at random out of a shoe box at midday on Thursday so that I can get the DVD to you before the weekend.

Ready, steady, be fabulous (and don’t be too jealous of me being out tonight drinking cocktails and bathing in the beautiful shoes and clothes!)

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9 comments to Whilst I’m out – how are you fabulous?

  • PantsWithNames

    >I'm fabulous because I've got paint in my hair and eau de fox poo and 2 small children to feed but I'm still just about finding it funny… just? I haven't seen the movie. The first one that is. Go on, you know you want me to win.Not that I'm begging or anything.

    Have a wonderful time tonight. Which of the shoes in the below post are you going to wear?

  • Hearth-mother

    >Very, very, jealous indeed. Enjoy! (Can't think of a reason why I'm fabulous, currently, but hey-ho something may come!)

  • Fiona

    >I'm fabulous because I'm entering the competition & I am going to retweet it…

    PS have a fab time…

  • Utterly Scrummy

    >I'm fabulous because after baking & icing 24 cupcakes, a chocolate gateau, a rhubarb crumble, 10 rhubarb tunovers, cooking a BBQ & making salads for 10 people then bathing my 3 girls and tucking them in bed I am still standing – only just mind you! Not looking particularly fabulous but I am sure the 4 loads of washing that I just took of the line won't care what I look like whilst I'm folding it. LOL!

    Fab comp hun xx

  • planb

    >I'm fabulous because my children say so….

    Well, one of them does, the others mostly go bladda, gadda, bladda boo!

    And I haven't seen it, and B is working jolly hard at the moment, and our telly isn't working so I need something to fill my time.

    Pick me! Pick me! Even if I'm not on twitter.

  • London City Mum

    >I am fabulous because I have managed to remember my daughter's birthday is tomorrow and be ORGANISED enough to actually buy her a present beforehand, rather than 'wing it' as per usual.

    Now just have to find some wrapping paper that is neither a) Xmas themed, or b) tin foil.

    LCM x

  • Livi

    >I am so jealous! I can't wait for the new film to be out, I'm such a girl! lol! (No point entering me in the draw though, I already have the 1st one too!)
    Hope it's as fabulous as I expect it to be!

  • TheAlice

    >How amazing! I'm not entering because I have the first film too (I am a SATC addict) but wanted to say that I hope you have a fantastic time xx

  • dulwich divorcee

    >Oooh, am so jealous! I am fabulous because …I'm going to be guest-blogging chez toi very soon!

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