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>Ooooooh shoe lovers !


The owner of many lovely shoes, Metropolitan Mum, tagged me with the shoe lover award, can’t imagine why.  My shoe collection mostly dates back to the days before babies when I was footloose and fancy free and we were enjoying the DINKY* lifestyle to the full.

My beautiful Gina sandals – bought for me by Mr to wear on honeymoon whilst I was slogging away in the darker recesses of an industrial estate in Germany and not sure I’d make it home in time to collect my wedding dress let alone pack for our honeymoon.  Utterly, wonderfully impractical given I can barely walk in them!

My Manolos.  Bought 2nd hand on ebay.  Worn whenever I needed an extra bit of va va voom and now sadly, after two pregnancies and three broken metatarsals no longer the right size.  Weep.
A Christmas present from Mr – sky high gold and purple LK Bennett platforms!  Incredibly they are much prettier than they sound on paper.  Incredibly Mr also managed to buy me shoes I love in the right size!
These may look like nothing but they are my secret weapon Jimmy Choo work shoes.  When bright red lipstick isn’t a strong enough weapon out come these girls and beware!  They’ve negotiated, presented and interviewed and won over every time.
Again they don’t look like much but these Jimmy Choo sandals are minimal perfection – not as high as some of my shoes so almost practical.  Last summer I was wearing them when I ended up in hospital thinking I might be losing Babygirl for the first time.  I remember sitting on the day labour ward hugging these shoes – we’ve been through a lot together.
Incredibly these are from Boden many many years ago (I know, what was I thinking!) but what boring grey work suit can’t be brightened up by a bit of Dalmatian and bright red!  I’m not quite sure that my colleagues approve of these shoes.
An internet impulse buy last year from Paul & Joe Sister – these are my funky summer staple.  Well when I’m not wearing in my flip flops or gardening in my crocs.
I look forward to finding out what the following ladies have in their shoe boxes
The Alice
* double income, no kids yet.
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13 comments to >Ooooooh shoe lovers !

  • zooarchaeologist

    >Fabulous shoes! I really like the Pink Sandals best- nice and practical…

  • Young Mummy

    >Oh I love love love shoes. I have been very good for far too long and haven't bought any new ones. This post is going to give me the shoe-shopping-itch!

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >This could actually be a meme I do! I have very few pairs of lovely shoes since I can't generally walk in heels but the few I have I love. Perfect!

  • Jen

    >I love shoes but never managed to build a good trusting relationship with high heels. It is on my 'to do' list and I will have a great time buying then 😀 Jen.

  • PhotoPuddle

    >What a great selection of shoes!!!

  • Ellen Arnison

    >Your shoes are fabulous. I don't own a single pair that can touch the pointy toe of these beauties. x

  • Notes to self plus two

    >fab. let me get through the dust and paint smells of the new kitchen and i am on it xxx

  • TheAlice

    >Love love love those LK Bennet shoes – which is incidentally the only brand of shoes my husband has managed to buy for me in the correct size and in a style I like (he once bought me a size 8 pair of shoes – I'm a 5!!!!)

  • FortyNotOut

    >Love love love your selection… especially the Manolo's and Gina sandals… gorgeous! The Boden ones are fab too. Hope you enjoyed the SATC2 movie screening… Friday night here I come!!!!! (God I need to calm down!) x

  • Mwa


    I'm a complete shoe fetishist, but I can't walk on pointy heels. I wish I could…

  • JulieB

    >Am a complete shoe fetishist as well (what is it with us women?!) and I am extremely envious of your fabulous collection!

  • solveig

    >Ooooo, lovely! Those Gina ones are great!

    I love shoes but constantly curse my height which stops me from wearing high heels. I just feel like a giantess in anything over about 2 inches. Bah.

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! xx MM

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