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>Grumpy old woman – when did respect disappear

>I was utterly shocked to read on Shouty Dad’s blog about a man (out with his family) shouting abuse at a pensioner.

When did people stop treating pensioners with respect?

Had this man not thought it through?

One day he will be elderly and the example he is setting to his children is to shout abuse at the elderly and hope they die soon.  Um mate, I have a feeling that this might come back to haunt you in later years.

At the very least that is someone’s wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, great aunt – someone with a wealth of experience, someone who deserves a few seconds of patience, someone who actually you might want to consider sitting down and having a cup of tea with to learn from their life and their history.  Someone, who as one of my good friends has discovered, could be the best childminder you could find.

Its at moments like these I’m glad my Gran is now in a care home.  There she is loved, admired and sheltered from people acting like this.

Join me grumpy people, lets make a stand.

Let’s enforce politeness and respect to the elderly, to taking a few minutes to smile and chat when they say how lovely our children are, to standing to one side so they can get to the shelves in the supermarket, to not getting frustrated when they drive slowly and carefully when we’re in a mad hurry.

Apart from the ones that queue barge in Sainsburys and the Post Office.  Obviously.

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5 comments to >Grumpy old woman – when did respect disappear

  • Jen

    >I went over to read that post and I am so shocked I can't even think straight. I feel very sorry for that mans wife and children, I can only imagine what he is like to live with! Jen.

  • planb

    >Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. (as is the fact that I'm 33 years old and not certain that I've just spelt unbelievable right)

  • scribblingmum

    >I am forever amazed, and not in a good way, by some 'grown ups' behaviour. My Mum always said to not do anything in life that I wouldn't do in front of my Nan, a good rule to live by I reckon.

  • Laura McIntyre

    >I try to recpect everyone young and old and always have done.

    I sometimes wonder if they have much respect for us. I will never forget a time in my late teens when i held a door open for an elderly lady and forgot i had hurt my wrist and the door slipped (my wrist was bandaged up) and i got a mouthful of the most horrible abuse that left me in tears and a bunch of shocked people around us.I could also recount the many looks or comments i have had about my children including one asking if i even knew the father of my children !!!!

  • Emma

    >It's so depressing, you don't seem to get it as much here in Cyprus, they do respect the older

    Glad I've found your blog, I've tagged you in my first meme over on mine if you fancy it.

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