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Technophobes Training Club – Technorati

Have you heard of Technorati?

Ok so you have, you’ve heard its something that helps you get up the Tots100 and that helps you get bloggy recognition.

And then you got distracted and whilst you knew it might be useful you never did anything about it.

So firstly congratulations for not trying to deal with Technorati at the start of this year when they started changing things and it all went a bit messy.  Unfortunately by not having claimed your blog before last October, well, you risk things being messy.

What this post can’t do is wave a magic wand if the Technorati gremlins decide they don’t like you and they have decided they don’t like rather a lot of blogs, most of whom are far bigger and better than me.  But what it can do is draw on the experiences I have had to make it easier for you to possibly get things to work. Possibly because for me Technorati is still a BIG mystery (it took me 4 attempts to claim my blog and even now it varies by 300 authority points from day to day – I have no idea why).

So if I haven’t put you off here’s what you need to do.

Go to Technorati and join

Once you’re registered you’ll have a profile page – at the bottom is the option to start a blog claim

This will lead you to a page that looks like this

Important things you need here are the address of your RSS feed – it will probably be in a similar set up to mine, shown here, but if not give us a shout and we can help.  Basically this is the way your posts get pushed out into the internet – if you have a little orange RSS button click on that and it’ll show you what they look like.

Also I think its really important to fill in the linking blogs.  For some reason Technorati is really bad at recognising blogs that are totally new to it – if an existing Technorati recognised blog links to you then it seems to make it easier from them to find you.  Again this might be rubbish but it worked for me.

Have you had a meme from a Technorati blogger?  Had them mention you?  Then get them down in here to help prove you aren’t just a machine but a real life blogger – if you want to check if they are then check them out in the search box at the top of the web page

And then you click and it will tell you that they’ll get back to you to help you go through the verification exercise.

In short, when you click back to your profile they will give you a short set of letters and numbers and ask you to post it on your blog.  Easiest way to do this is to put it in a blog post – either on its own or at the bottom of something you’re planning on post anyway.

Once its posted then you wait and, at the moment, usually within 24 hours you’ll get a message saying that your site has been crawled and you can take down the post.  I wouldn’t – just in case.

Then over the course of the next few days, Technorati should gradually populate your profile with an up to date thumbnail of your site, give you an authority (the score of how you rate vs. other blogs), pick up your blog posts and pick up who (only Technorati blogs though) has linked to you.

It should look something like this

Good luck – if you have questions shout them out here or on Twitter.

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11 comments to Technophobes Training Club – Technorati

  • TheMadHouse

    >you do not want to hear what I have to say about Techrorati. I still have an authority of one, even after a reclaim. no posts are regognise, no response to e-mails and get bloody satisfaction. I am angry and this makes me even more angry. We should stop giving them any poer a nd all stop using them

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I needed 5 attempts to get mine to work (and to be fair it only works on my new domain) – unfortunately until the Tots100 and other things stop recognising it we are stuck with it

    I don't understand why they can't fix their problems, Insomniac Mummy has had real issues with them too – they just don't seem to care

  • PantsWithNames

    >I had no problems with technorati for Brits In Bosnia. I'm not sure if I can face it with Pants With Names. I think I was lucky before and am not sure I'll be that lucky twice… and am not sure I have the energy or desire to take them on having heard the nightmare stories.

  • Sleepless Mum

    >I seem to have been fairly lucky as Technorati recognised me first time. I have no idea what the numbers mean though, higher is good yes? What is a reasonable number for a daily updating blogger to be aiming for? I've just checked mine and it's increased by 1, although I don't know over what time frame. It's all about as clear as mud!!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Pantswithnames – I think its a lottery, I kept deleting and retrying and suddenly it worked. There are probably goblins you need to apease to get it to work…!

    Sleepless Mum – higher is good, I think they now look at the last month but they only count links to other recognised blogs which is a bit closed shoppy

  • A Modern Mother

    >First, great new look here. Wow, I love it. Thanks for the Technorati post, so much has changed there since I joined a couple years ago.

  • Anonymous

    >So glad to be pointed in the direction of this post!
    Just what I need to help my new blog along 🙂

  • Michelle

    >Hi MAM,

    Thanks so much for this useful info. I have been wondering abut Technorati for ages. I have no idea what my feed URL might be. I do not have an organise button, any other pointers? Cheers Mich x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Hi Michelle – I think it'll be http://mdplife.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

  • Michelle

    >Thanks so much, lets see how it goes! I started my blog quite some time ago and have links so hopefully that will help. Mich x

  • Thanks for your no nonsense approach to this. Very helpful.

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