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>Notes from my smallholding – asparagus minus 2 years!


I can’t remember why I haven’t started our asparagus bed before – probably because our veggie patch is being reclaimed out of a corner of the garden that was horribly overgrown, full of stones and ground elder and well just hard work to turn into something nicer.

And I guess that I was planning a raised bed, to aid drainage and all that, and that would take time.

So I haven’t started an asparagus bed and with a two year lead time to those lovely green spears that’s a bit of a regret.

Its asparagus planting season so I ordered some!

And it arrived in about 48 hours!

Which meant I had a rather frantic afternoon cutting out a new bed, digging in a heap of manure, making raised areas and planting.

So now they’re in, hopefully starting to grow away and this time in two years I’ll be able to be eating my own asparagus.

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6 comments to >Notes from my smallholding – asparagus minus 2 years!

  • TheMadHouse

    >We dont have enough space for an aspagargus bed. Our neighbours have one, this is there second season, next year they will have asparagus. I am very envious

  • Jen

    >2 years! I didn't realise, wow, it had better be tasty 🙂 Jen.

  • kat @ slugs

    >LOL! I just wrote about asparagus too! great minds…

  • Magic Mummy

    >I didn't realise it took that long – I would never be able to wait that long lol

  • 1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books)

    >I've just started on this gardening lark. We have raised beds that I'm steadily filling – nothing with roots as they're on top of concrete, and absolutely nothing that requires two years. I am much, much too impatient for that – I salute your staying power!

  • Rachael@ talesfromthevillage

    >I looooove asparagus (as you can see from my recent ramblings on the subject!). And hooray, I just managed to find a load of crowns on sale in the garden centre for 50p each. I'm heading up to the allotment tomorrow afternoon to make my asparagus bed. Yum.

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