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>Desert Island Questions & some lovely new blogs


New Mummy, a fellow finalist for the MADs best baby blog,  has tagged me with the Desert Island Questions where you have to name the following:

  • One person (living/dead/known to you/famous etc)
  • One piece of music
  • One book or item of reading
So here we go…
Mr Muddling – I think a bit of time on a desert island would give us the time we need to work things through and get ourselves back on track.  I remember a time when he was my best friend and we could sit up all night talking – surely that has to be a good thing for my Man Friday?  Oh and he’s quite handy too.
Piece of music
I’ve dithered on this between Beethoven’s 9th Symphony but eventually gone for Handel’s opera Semele.  Its my favourite piece of music – its beautiful, clever, the characters are great and it has my favourite ever aria, Where’er you walk.
Difficult one this since I love reading – I’d probably take my 16th birthday present tome of the entire Sherlock Holmes stories just because its got lots in it to keep me busy.  Although I’d love to take one of my adored Georgette Heyer’s so might take An Infamous Army because its one of the best books I’ve ever read.
I’m passing this onto the blogs I’ve most recently discovered – go and have a look and say hi to them
Max & co – Max, full time purchasing assistant age 30, 2/3 boys (planning move-in with boyfriend who has sole custody of his son)
waittillyourfathergetsin – a dads eye view…all the ups and downs, sometimes very humourous and bizarre world I live in
Part time mum – Musings of a working mum of three
Diary of a Young Mum – Just general thoughts of a 19 year old mother about bringing up her son, her relationships, career and battling through postnatal depression, which is intended to help other young mothers through the hard times.
North Side Mum – musing on motherhood and family with the occasional rant about the state of the nation
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