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>I love Innocent & I want to be their friend


When I grow up I want to go and work at Innocent‘s Fruit Towers.  Or perhaps just live there.


I totally love them – I was already a fan, having had a soft spot for them since seeing their cow van driving around the streets of Shepherds Bush years and years ago* so when I received an invitation to visit Fruit Towers I HAD to find a way to go (even if it meant getting perilously close to having to admit to real people that I blog, anyway more of that another time).

My Postman was bemused at having to deliver a blueberry plant to us… But I’ve been wanting to get one for ages!  I mean you say yes please to an invitation and they send you this lovely bag of goodies, how utterly lovely is that.

Innocent had put on a fabulous morning for us all.  Not only did I get to finally meet some bloggers I’ve wanted to meet for ages but we got to make smoothies (including decorating a bottle of our mix to take home to Daddy and Granny).
And then it was as if they’d dreamt up a morning to suit us both perfectly, face paints, sticking, creating for Toddlergirl and tea, cake and chat with my bloggy friends for me.
Oh and trying to explain why I blog to the lovely Innocent people – I need to work on this, I came across as either embarrassed to admit to this blog name, a bit strange or an internet weirdie… oops.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Super Smoothie Girl – 95% fruit, 5% face paint!

This is a sponsored post, not least because my fridge is full of lovely Innocent stuff, thank you so much! – they do smoothies in little tubes which I’d never seen before and little veg pots of tasty things which may become my new decadent lunch treat!

*I used to live about two streets up from Fruit Towers, and about 5 minutes walk away but that flat is now under Westfield, oh and about 10 minutes walk away.  This was a real trip down memory lane… Toddlergirl was a little unimpressed by ‘oh look Mummy remembers that!’

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6 comments to >I love Innocent & I want to be their friend

  • Hayley

    >Omg did not realise you were there! I'm so sorry! Would have loved to have said hi! Glad you had a good time. I'm slowly getting through all my goodies 😀

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I kept seeing you and thinking must say hi but getting dragged off by Toddlergirl – next time lovely, next time

    I was the one in a grey cardigan with long hair and manic toddler…

  • Jen

    >I love the smoothies too and I feel they are guilt free. Guilt free treats are GOOD 🙂 Jen.

  • P

    >And you are soooo tall! Was so lovely to meet you and the beautiful toddlergirl. We had a great day too – when's the next one?! x

  • Peabee72

    >ooh that was weird – left what must look like an anonymous comment. Sorry about that – it was me! Px

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >Hee hee! Lovely post…I'm sure they'll hire you! Wasn't it wonderful? Wouldn't you like to spend every Saturday that way??


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