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>Nearly wordless Wednesday – gratuitous Glee moment

>Flicking through the TV channels on Monday night I came across this – it was almost enough to make me change my mind about moving on from Glee

At the least, I thought I should share it

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4 comments to >Nearly wordless Wednesday – gratuitous Glee moment

  • TheMadHouse

    >I am feeling down at the moment and I love Glee it really makes me smile

  • Deborah

    >It actually left me speechless that particular moment. I know someone who is the spit of Sue Sylvester and has the same temper and everything so funny in the playground lol. x

  • diney

    >I didn't watch your video as I'm about to watch this week's Glee – I love it and we have 2 of the cd's which are almost constantly on in the car when my duaughter an I are together! It looks good – can't wait!

  • Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

    >Something about watching guys leaping around in red unitards to Let's Get Physical is strangely alluring and yet also repulsive at the same time to me. Hehehehe.

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