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>Grumpy old woman – a grumpy meme

>Frog in the Field has tagged me with a grumpy meme, asking me to list the 7 things that irritate me so instead of focusing on one thing I’m going to give this a go

Land Rover
Last week I was grumpy because our car is a bit of a lemon.  It must have heard because its developed a massive computer fault.  Which means its back to the garage again.  For several days.  I am going to be getting VERY grumpy with Land Rover over the next few weeks.

After these weeks of drivel we now have potentially weeks of waiting whilst they decide how this is hung Parliament is going to work.  Please could you focus on the important things like getting the economy sorted and not making secret deals?

People who drive along the road outside
Your horn is not a substitute for using the brakes.  Especially during the night.  Please stop it.

We are supposed to be having a new patio put in at the bottom of the garden.  They were supposed to start last week but the boss was stuck in Egypt.  They were then supposed to start this week.  Nothing has happened yet.  And they haven’t called me, I have to keep calling them to find out what’s going on.

Stop growing.  I don’t want to have to cut the grass every week, it takes 3 hours and I have better things to do in that time.

Shopkeepers who call me love
I’m not your love.  I never will be.  Stop it.

Still haven’t worked out what I want to achieve during my three months off.  Haven’t really finished any of the jobs I started this week.  Need to get sorted or it’ll be August and I’ll be back to work and really grumpy with myself.

And I’m tagging some of my grumpy friends

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3 comments to >Grumpy old woman – a grumpy meme

  • Notes to self plus two

    >seems a perfectly rational list to me 😉 xx

  • Peabee72

    >Not only rational but restrained too! Thanks for the tag….now just got to work out how I limit to 7! xx

  • Ben

    >I'm fed up with politicians too…I just want to know how much tax I'm going to have to pay!

    I'm currently hosting a competition on my blog, where you can win one of eight great baby prizes by submitting your funniest or most embarrassing parenting story – if you have one please stop by and let me know!


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