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>Disappointed with the election result? Here’s a silver lining


Used to be Somebody wrote a great post on why this hasn’t been the Mumsnet election that the media touted it to be.

In fact I want to go further and say how monumentally disappointed I am that the members of Mumsnet have let down mothers during this election.

They had an unprecedented opportunity to push forward the issues facing mothers and to get them right in the middle of the political horizon.

Did they, oh no.

They were more concerned with how the leaders dressed than their policies.  They allowed politicians to write off the women’s vote as being concerned with their tie colour and to ignore the important issues around provision of maternity services, flexible childcare, policies that support rather than alienate single parents, working parents, married parents.

In fact, looking back, this entire election has been more focused on what the wives of the party leaders are wearing than the issues impacting real women in the real world.

And yet I still found myself sitting up until 1am last night enthralled by the whole event, admittedly slightly enthralled by wondering which tipsy celebrity would say something inappropriate on camera because someone at the Beeb had thought it was a good idea to have a drinks party and then ask people about the election live on television (perhaps one to not try out again?).

Perhaps this result will have a silver lining.  Perhaps a meaningful coalition won’t be formed and we’ll be back at the polling stations in the near future.

And we can use that opportunity to get these key issues back in the limelight they deserve.

But in the meantime, I am going to write to my MP and remind him that my vote has come at a cost, that I want him to focus on these issues that are important to me, that his job is to give my issues a voice within Parliament.  You don’t even need to pick up a pen and find a stamp, go to the Write to Them website and they’ll sort it all out for you.

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5 comments to >Disappointed with the election result? Here’s a silver lining

  • TheMadHouse

    >I commented way back that Mumsnet had done us all no favours, what biccies do you eat, do me a favour.

  • JulieB

    >Confess I have never really checked out the whole mumsnet thing, but what I have seen (second hand, admittedly) hasn't really given me a huge urge to go and check it out. I'll be interested to see Justine Robertson present at Cybermummy – I see she's just been announced as a speaker.

  • Tracey-Jane Hughes

    >Good post. @petweetpoppet and I had quite a discussion after her explosion during the final leaders debate. Have to say I've encouraged her, but she's keen to get family and women's issues, talked about and is thinking about setting up a new party. She's launched it today on my guest blog spot at support4women. Take a look, and see what you think.
    I personally didn't engage with the mumsnet thing, instead looking directly to the parties for their answers.

  • YummyNo1

    >I have to confess too that I've not ventured on to Mumsnet either – to be honest from what I've heard it can be a pretty scary place! So many tales of bullyish behaviour towards each other but then when they get the chance to 'grill' the politians we get the now imfamous biscuit-gate nonsense *sigh*

  • Mummy

    >How right this all is. It is a load of rubbish the way that the papers ran with the Mumsnet thing. If anything this was a Twitter election!

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