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>I’ve found the holy grail of skincare


For me, the search for the right skincare has been a bit of a search for the Holy Grail – I’ve tried cheap ones, expensive ones, complicated ones and still not found a regime that works for me and my face.
In fact, I was searching for a new moisturiser when Liz Earle contacted me to ask if I’d like to give some of their products a try.  I’d heard of them but never got further than a quick look at the website and being overwhelmed by the choices.
I’m now going to try very, very hard not to gush.  
Which is going to be difficult because I love these products.  Quite simply love them.
Yes, I thought they were expensive but they are the same price as the High Street version I was using before (and available in John Lewis too I noticed yesterday so not just for online purchasing). 
Yes, I thought the whole cleanse, polish, tone, moisturise thing would be a faff but it isn’t.
Yes, I thought they weren’t for me.
But they are – I don’t suddenly look 10 years younger (if only!) but my skin is noticeably brighter and feels happier.
What’s even better than the facial products is her handcream.  I garden a lot and am not very good at wearing gloves so my hands regularly take a hammering.  And this cream is great – easily absorbed, hydrates them quickly and makes them feel less manky than they usually do.  Quite simply I love it.
And I guess the best testimonial to these products is that I will now go out and buy them for myself.  Probably for many years to come.  Especially the handcream.
***This post was sponsored by Liz Earle***
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5 comments to >I’ve found the holy grail of skincare

  • diney

    >Yes totally agree – I also did a review of the products a month or so ago and I just adore them, especially the clean and polish – it really does leave your skin clean, fresh and glowing.

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >Oh sounds lovely. I am rubbish at looking after my skin. Most i manage is a wash and moisturise, but I'm starting to look a bit tired now so need to invest. Will take a look at this lot.

  • Kate

    >I love love love Liz Earle and they even deliver to Bahrain!

  • PantsWithNames

    >What a joy. My hands are a right mess, might have to investigate the hand cream myself!

  • solveig

    >I like these products too – and using that muslin cloth has been the best thing for my skin, regardless of what cleanser I use.

    I'm going to try out their handcream now, as been trying to find a good one.

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