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>Grumpy old woman – don’t ignore me once you’ve taken my money


Since I bought my brand shiny new Range Rover back in September I’ve had a few issues with it – the double blow out and the fact it locked Babygirl inside it despite that supposedly being impossible to do.

All in all, the thing has spent rather too much time back in the garage having various quality assurance upgrades.  These upgrades invariably lead to a whole new set of problems.  The most recent appears to have solved the locking small children in the car problem but has replaced it with wing mirrors that prefer to look downwards rather than behind you.

I’m told that these ‘teething issues’ are all part and parcel of owning a Land Rover and that it’ll all come good.

I can’t say that I’m convinced.

But its not these little things that are getting my goat, its the fact that the service people at my local garage, with whom I’m having rather a lot of contact, are just not delivering service at all.

I phone them to try and confirm that they will be picking the car up for its service.  Messages are taken but nobody calls me back.  I keep hassling them to tell them of a new fault that its developed that I’d like looked at whilst its in.  Nobody contacts me.

If the car is in for a visit, they don’t call me to confirm that its going to be finished, they appear to want me to use ESP to divine that it is and that I need to get on the phone to confirm this.

And the list goes on.

Does anyone know someone at Land Rover they can forward this on to?

My warranty only has 6 months to run and we’re still getting errors and problems and I’m going to have to start paying for these things soon and I don’t think I should.

Oh and nobody has yet got around to apologising for locking my baby in the car for 45 minutes.

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8 comments to >Grumpy old woman – don’t ignore me once you’ve taken my money

  • zooarchaeologist

    >Lovely, lovely car that it is, Sod it and tell them to come and take it back and give you a refund. I have a 7 year old Zafira, not been in the garage once this year except to replace the ORIGINAL (!) tyres. That is not good enough, in my humble lowly opinion… Grrr!

  • Working Mum

    >No, I agree, not good enough. You need a refund. Do you know that in the US they have something called "the lemon law" whereby manufacturers have to give you a full refund on a car after a certain number of faults (hence you bought a lemon) – we need that here. The number of people I know who have continual problems will brand new cars and the manufacturer won't admit defeat! This is why I never buy a brand new car(as well as the phenomenal depreciation) Good luck getting satisfaction, remember you can always go to Trading Standards.

  • skirts and wellies

    >Good heavens. I missed the locked baby post the first time. That is so scary. It's happened to me, but not with a land rover. Sorry you're having such rubbish luck. I don't know anyone else to send it to at land rover.

  • Beth

    >OMG what a horrid time you're having with what should be an amazing car.

    I've not got much experience with brand new cars, but I remember way back in 1996 when my Dad had a brand new vectra (one of the first in the country) and all that did was break down, you couldn't get it up a hill because it would stall. I have to say this put me off brand new cars (not that I could afford one atm anyway lol)

    I have a P-reg Punto with no 'extras' and it just has an oil leak which is relatively easy to sort out, and not a lot else to go wrong (the way I like it). But we also have a 02 Alhambra and with all the bits and bobs it's cost us well over 1k since we bought it in Feb.. sooo not worth the hassle imo!

    (Sorry I seem to have written a blog post here)

    I really hope you get your land rover sorted they are truly lovely cars, when they don't malfunction.



  • Jen

    >I remember your other post on this, I will never buy a Rover, ever! I wonder do they realise the power of the blogging community? If you can't get any satisfaction from their Head Office then I would be going to Trading Standards, as already suggested. It doesn't sound to me like these problems are going to stop when your warranty runs out, tbh. Good luck. Jen.

  • scribblingmum

    >I would still Google the CEO, get their email address and get in touch direct. or failing that Watchdog and trading standards?

  • PantsWithNames

    >When we were in Bosnia I always looked forward to getting good customer service when we got back. Now we are back, I'm so disappointed. But this seems outrageous. A new landrover is a lot of money. It should be right!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >It's definitely not good enough and they really don't seem to give a monkey's

    Guess what – half the electrics have now gone. Bah!

    Time to speak to Trading Standards and to start seriously hassling them to get this sorted

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