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>The first step of a new path



Yesterday was exciting – the resignation process was far less painful than I had anticipated.

But what was very revealing was how incredibly, buoyantly happy I felt.  I don’t think I had realised how miserable my job had been making me and how unremittingly unhappy I had become.

It was only when this was taken away that I found myself grinning like a Cheshire Cat and felt so fizzingly, wonderful happy.

Today I have handed back my Blackberry and ID card, shaken hands with my colleagues and walked out the door.  And I didn’t look back.

I’m planning what to do for the next three months (thank you for your suggestions yesterday) but at the least it will include gardening, lots of coffee and cake with friends, doing things I wouldn’t normally have time for and getting my to do list done.

Oh and a bit of blogging here and there probably!

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