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>Happiness is…


The lovely Sandy at Baby Baby has tagged me with the Happiness Meme

So here are the things that are currently making me happy and the fab bloggers I’m passing this onto – mine are the blogs I’ve discovered most recently

I was worried I’d lose touch with the blogging world when I went back to work but actually its been a lifeline, knowing that there are other people who understand and who are routing for me has made it much easier this time around.

My girls

They are both beautiful little things, both have great little personalities and I can’t believe how blessed we are to have them, especially when you contrast to how things were this time last year.

My vegetable patch
Its incredibly therapeutic – I seem to like digging, and weeding, and find the whole nurturing plants thing very, well, rewarding

My job
There are bits I HATE HATE HATE about it but bottom line is I enjoy working, I enjoy bringing in money, I enjoy time away on my own

It may make me a bad person, but I do like my glass of wine of an evening – in the bath, over dinner, whilst sitting tapping away at my laptop!

Getting back into my thin trousers
I still weigh more than I’m happy with but I can now squeeze into most of my pre-babies trousers.  No chance of getting things to fit over my great breastfeeding chest but hey, we’re getting there!

And my newfound bloggers (realising I’m coming late to the party in some instances…)

Not now later
The Alice
Which Hat
And welcome back to the blogging world Mrs B at Adventures of a Sleepless Toddler
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