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>Weights and measures


My girls are turning out to be so very different.

Yesterday, just for fun, we had both of them weighed to mark Toddlergirl being 2 and Babygirl hitting 6 months.

Toddlergirl was eventually coaxed onto the scales and stood still for long enough to be ranked in the 91st centile, whilst Babygirl, despite having got visibly fatter during the 11 hours I leave her every day is still crawling along the 9th centile.

Strangely its only now that Toddlergirl has got taller and slimmer that family and friends are able to admit that she was very, very chubby as a baby.  Beautiful to us but bald as a coot and almost as wide as she was tall.  Strangely we only ever thought that her rolls of fat were adorable and the sign of a thriving baby.  I mean, you can’t overfeed a breastfed baby, right?

Babygirl is equally beautiful to us but, given that it appears that all of last years problems have left some consequences in giving her an aversion to dairy (strangely I couldn’t stand strong cheese during my pregnancy), I do wonder about what else people are holding back from mentioning.  She is petite.  And looking at the list of things that Toddlergirl did at various ages in her red book, she is lagging behind.

But you know what, I’m not going to worry about whether she isn’t sitting up, has only just rolled, doesn’t sleep well – last year was a year of worry, worrying won’t solve anything and if there are issues, most likely they’ll resolve themselves over the next year.  If they don’t, we’ll deal with them next year.

I need a year off from worry and, quite frankly, its not going to achieve anything.

Instead I’m going to enjoy that I have two smiley girls who both laugh at my Hairy Maclairy voices – result!

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11 comments to >Weights and measures

  • TheMadHouse

    >I know this feeling well, with only 15 months between my two. Mini is nearly as big as Maxi and was a super chubby baby. So chubby I stopped taking him to the clinic as they kept on about his weight

  • Corylus

    >Don't forget that 9th centile is just as normal as the 91st, it's just different ends of the spectrum. Not necessarily any need to worry lovely x

  • Rose

    >of the parents I know this weighing and assessing seems to cause the most stress- I think babies are like people, some are bigger and some are smaller. I get quite cross when people call young babies fat though, in their case it's better they are a bit bigger and the are babies, they only have milk!

    your two sound very happy and healthy! x

  • Fiona

    >I'm the same. My two have 18 months between them. As a baby my eldest was over the 98th centile (for height too but she was still chubby lol)at 3 she is now just under the 91st and has slimmed down a lot.
    My son however, is very tall and skinnyalthough he is catching up a bit now he is 2!

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >Grrr. The red book. I stuffed it somewhere in a box and had the last look into it…. about six month ago? I can't remember. Why would I want to know in which percentile she falls???
    And for sure I am NOT going to go to the one-year-appointment with the health visitor. They are having a mass event here with all the kids from this area who recently turned one. Why would I want to go there? To let her attract even more germs and colds and whatever else? Also, we have just been seeing the GP when she was ill, so if there was something to worry about I am sure he would have picked it up.
    Plus, as she is growing up with 2 1/2 languages, she will most likely start speaking a little later. I really don't need anybody to stress me about that.
    Little L loves her food, she sleeps well and is a happy little toddler. F*** the red book.

  • vegemitevix

    >I remember this. My three were all v different. Son was very long but a big chunky hungry baby! He is now the skinniest 16 yr old boy I've ever seen. DP was a petite wee poppet, like a little doll. Short and the lightest of my three. At 14 she has to watch her weight and she carries a little extra in the store cupboard! Miss Ten was a big baby and was very chubby. Not as tall as her brother and not yet developed like her sister she's about average height and weight. Just remember your little red book is only a snapshot of a time.Love Hairy McLary!

  • Mwa


    On the fat thing – it was lucky you didn't have older children. My brother was very very fat as a baby, and we used to think of nicknames for him, none of which were too flattering. But they were said with love. (Our little sumo wrestler, our darling army tank – that kind of thing.) He grew out of it after he started to walk.

  • april

    >That is what you want – babies who laugh at hairy maclairy 🙂

  • Manicmum

    >Girlchild grew off the scale, while the boy had the health visitors tutting about his lack of weight gain. Both breastfed – what can you put it down to? Now she's lithe and lean and he's a porky toddler. I sometimes think being different will mean they get on well when they're older cos they won't be competing. I come from a family of 7 kids all so different you wouldn't believe we're all related. Differences seem more stark when there are only two to compare. X

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >My younger one was over 100% for weight. I didn't worry. Now he's 3 and runs around like a looney and growing up like a bean pole and is much slimmer. I think to worry too much at this age is a sure fire route for eating issues. You are so right, what is important is laughing at Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy. xx

  • Laura McIntyre

    >I find it so funny how diffrent kids can be , all 3 of mine are diffrent .
    My girls aged (almost 5) and 3.5 are 36lbs and 34lbs ,almost same height and same size clothes.
    my son aged 19 months is about 28.5lbs . He is heavier than my eldest was at 3.

    Development wise they have all been very diffrent to , i had a very late walker (20m) and a very early walker (9m) and an inbetween (10.5m) .Its hard not to worry and compare .

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