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Technophobes Training Club – Twitter, will you tweet too?

So you blog, which is a strange combination of shouting into a cave and suddenly realising that a whole lot of people are shouting right back at you – a soliloquy that becomes a conversation, as it were.

Then you realise, as I did, that these new bloggy friends are off chatting away on something called Twitter and you get curious.

And you have a look.

And back off rapidly.  Because its the sort of place that only internet weirdos inhabit.

Except its not.  Honestly.

Twitter is an extension of the blogging community – its a way of getting to know other bloggers and finding a heap of like minded internet weirdos individuals who can help answer your questions, amuse you during the night watches and give real time help and advice.

In fact our gurus are probably on there right now, waiting for a cry for help so they can talk you through it in real time.

What do you mean you’re not sure?  You don’t think you’ll be welcome?  Don’t be silly, we’re the same bloggy people we are on our blogs, just chatting away as if by the coffee machine in the rest room of the internet world.

Ok, here’s what to do – go to www.twitter.com and set yourself up with an account.  Go to this page and put a picture up so we all know who you are and that you’re not some nutter, even better link to your blog and say a few things about yourself.

And then find a few nice people to follow* and introduce yourself and start chatting – as the meerkats say, simples.

To get you started here are a few people you might like to meet – if you click on the link, once you are registered, it’ll take you to a page that lets you click on a box to follow.

@MuddlingAlong – this is me, just in case you didn’t realise !
Tim from Bringing Up Charlie@dotterel
Karin from Cafe Bebe@cafebebe 
Vix from Vegemitevix@vegemitevix
Chrissie from Mediocre Mum@mediocre_mum

Once you’ve followed you can see what we’re saying – if you want to chat put an ‘@’ infront of our Twitter names and say hello !

Oh and Twitter has a set of lovely buttons and features you can put on to let people know that you’re on there and tweeting away – but more of that another time, off you go, have a look and dip a toe in the water!

*following is a bit like being friends on Facebook and in the real world, you follow, you get to see what people are saying, they follow you, you start chatting, a relationship develops and the rest is, as they say, history.

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13 comments to Technophobes Training Club – Twitter, will you tweet too?

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Ooo oo, I've got a twitter account. Really I do! Just need to sort out a few things on the new blog and then I'll be on it. I think. As long as I can remember my password!

  • PhotoPuddle

    >I am a big fan of facebook but never really "got" Twitter. Seems to be quite important in the blogging world so may eventually give it a go!

  • Jen

    >I am already on twitter and enjoy it. I was terrified at the beginning though, it felt like jumping into a bottomless pit and it took me a while to get over that! I am still a bit shy there, any tips on how to overcome that??:D Jen.

  • Reasons

    >Still thinking….and thinking…. Actually I did just nearly log onto to twitter before I read your post. Is it a sign? Trouble is I waste enough time as it is. Oh shall I, shan't I…..

  • Chrissie

    >I have a slight twitter addiction….if you do decide to join twitter do stop by and say hello and I will introduce you so some nice people. The best advice I can give is don't be shy (and I know if feels unnatural) but jump into conversations…

    One last thing…if Twitter doesn't make sense I would strongly recommend installing something like Tweetdeck…a bit freaky at first but makes it much easier to get your head around it.

    I look foward to seeing you soon,


  • planb

    >Hmmm. Brit out of Bosnia (above) has been emailing me about this today…

    I'm just a bit frightened. WHat does it all mean? What's an @ and whats a # and frankly why do people insist on using them in perfectly ordinary text messages? It feels a bit like a cult….

    But then, as you say, lots of perfectly ordinary bloggy types are doing it.

    But as reasons says, isn't it just going to eat up EVEN more of my time…!

  • Heather

    >'just chatting away as if by the coffee machine in the rest room of the internet world.'

    this is best description of Twitter i've heard yet! Brilliant and oh so true. I love Twitter, some days its the only grown up connection i get with the world.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Brits – you haven't got a twitter account go on, let me know what it is !!!

    Photo Puddle – I'm not sure its important, its just it gives us somewhere to chat – more personal than just blogging I guess

    Jen – don't be shy, just leap in – I was very wary at first (took me nearly 6 months to actually tweet after signing up), am I following you?

    Reasons – yup it is a bit of a time waste, but its also a way to have a quick coffee break and a chat which I like

    Chrissie – addicted here too – good isn't it !

    PlanB – @ is like a 'to' someone and # is just to flag a subject (don't need to do that bit much). We're not a cult but you will spend time on it … its nice for me because there are people to chat to in the middle of the night when I'm up with Babygirl (admittedly this is a niche attraction!)

    Heather – thank you! Its my link to the real world, especially on days when I've had too much of people pretending to be grown ups!

  • rosiescribble

    >I love twitter. In fact, I think I'm quite addicted to it. Most of the time there is a nice community spirt and if you ask for help or advice, you can received so many helpful replies. I'm @RosieScribble

  • Magic Mummy

    >I love Twitter but I am a bit shy in real life so I think that transfers to Twitter because I quite often feel like I have something to say but I don't say it in case people think I'm cheeky or butting in.

    I am slowly getting more involved though and cwould really recommend sining up if you haven't already.

  • scribblingmum

    >I've started dipping my toes in, so to speak, and its way more welcoming than I thought. I'm sort of worried that I become addicted to that, my phone, my laptop etc and stop talking to my husband/lose job etc.

  • Manicmum

    >Still a twitter-phobe, I'm afraid. I did go on it to have a look. Does it mean I have to tweet AND blog, cos I can barely manage one at a time? X

  • family Affairs

    >VG and helpful. I still don't really get Twitter and I'm always way behind in the replies than my other Disney bloggers…..thanks btw for your comments when I was away. Back now. Phew. Lx

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