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>Baby led weaning diaries – ups and downs


I have a bit of a secret to admit to, we’re not doing pure baby led weaning. We did for the first couple of weeks, but now we’re onto three meals a day and she’s having what we have, some things are just easier to give her on a spoon. We’re not doing purees, thank goodness the thought of cooking them up is something I just can’t face, but I have yet to find a way to get her to eat Weetabix on her own without having to use a sandblaster to clean up the mess afterwards – who’d have thought such innocent looking food would dry to such a solid consistency!

Babygirl has now worked her way through most of the fruit bowl and vegetable box – strawberries were a massive success, cucumber is doing double duty as food and a teething soother and baked potato skins went down a storm.

She’s also tucking into fingers of toast at breakfast, sucking pasta sauce happily off pasta twirls and chewing the odd sausage.

Risotto created incredible amounts of mess, she’s not got a pincer grip yet and so ended up pushing grains of rice around her tray – we had to resort to handing her spoonfuls before she got too frustrated with her food escaping from her grasp! I’ve read that you can make risotto up into balls, cover in breadcrumbs and fry up which sounds like something she could cope with.

She loves banana but I’ve not yet found a way to make it easy to hold – at first its ok but after a bit of mauling its too slippy and escapes from her, much to her irritation.

The only problem is that she seems to be a bit sensitive to diary products – putting cows milk on her cereal resulted in projectile vomiting and a taste of yoghurt had explosive consequences. At the moment I’m pumping extra to put on her cereal but does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to cows milk? I was planning on moving her to formula milk for her daytime feeds when I’m at work but not sure if there are any which aren’t based on cows milk. Any ideas?

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8 comments to >Baby led weaning diaries – ups and downs

  • bumblingalong

    >I found that adding some egg to rice and frying made a kind of rice tortilla that Moo liked…

    Not sure about dairy. All of the mainstream formulas are based on cows milk, and I think you ought to speak to doc/HV before looking at any of the soya etc ones – there are issues there too. But maybe try some formula first – I know babies that had issues with cows milk at an early age but were fine with formula – the proteins are broken down, and then were able to take cows milk by 12 months.

    Whilst dairy is blamed for a lot of things (possibly rightly), it's blooming difficult to live a dairy free life!

  • Frau Hopkins

    >Aptamil do a special formula for babies with milk allergies – might help http://www.aptamil.co.uk/en/article.asp

  • Bronagh

    >Frau Hopkins beat me to it with the Aptimil suggestion!

    You could also try lactose free milk, I know Avonmore (Irish diary firm) brought out lactose free milk just last year, there should be a UK equivalent (though as bumbling along said, you might want to check with your GP, ask if you can have her tested for lactose intolerance )

  • 1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books)

    >Son is allergic to cow's milk – although growing out of slowly – but was always fine with formula (we used Aptamil). Talk to someone before you use soya as many people allergic to dairy and equally, if not more allergic to soya apparently (what the hospital told us) and introducing it too early can prompt other allergies. Rice milk or oat milk are less of a problem I think but not very tasty unfortunately.. Finally, some people who are just intolerant to cow's milk not allergic find goats milk really good – and has the benefit of goats cheese etc.

  • mummy limited

    >Maybe rice or soya milk or even goats may be better. In regards to banana have you tried cutting it in half and then cutting the skin off bit not all of it so she's got a less slippery bit to hold onto. Worked for us until MM decided he didn't like banana.

  • Myshka

    >I'd say to use formula milk for a while, my little one loves it still, so I'll go with it for a while. Also, if you want to get her to eat fruit or anything big that's too slippy, try the net feeder- it looks like a popsicle, but you put the piece of food in the net and they just gum it/suck on it- no mess, and great for itchy gums! My little one is OBSESSED about it.

  • Baking Mad Mama

    >I remember with horror the madness of trying to clean solidified Weetabix off a baby! And that was using a spoon too.

    I've no advice about the dairy thing but hope you find a solution soon x

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >First: baby led weaning? Ahem. Not in this household. And no, I am not feeling guilty about it AT ALL.

    Now to the dairy problem: little L has the exact same kind of problem. A little bit of cheese is ok, yoghurt and butter lead to the most runny nappies you have seen in your whole life, and I didn't even dare to put cow's milk in anything that gets anywhere near her. Funnily enough, Aptamil works perfectly fine for her. She is now on Aptamil III, happily emptying her bottles without side effects.

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