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>Living with the fear


I consider myself to be fairly unflappable – I can take most crises in my stride.

However, I seem to have developed an anxiety, in fact far more than that, a deep seated fear.

Of wasps.

It all stems back to last summer when I got stung twice within the space of a couple of weeks and the second sting caused me to go into anaphylactic shock – I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak, my heart started racing and, when I stumbled out of the bedroom to tell Mr Muddling, I collapsed on the hall landing.

Understandably this has left me with a healthy dislike of all yellow striped flying creatures.

Which would be fine in the ordinary course of things except that this evening there were two wasps in my bedroom.  Both have been despatched by Mr Muddling to the great wasp nest in the sky but I’m now camped out in the spare room and trying to work out how we can make our bedroom wasp-proof and how to ensure I don’t run the risk of getting stung again.

I’m also off to the doctors later in the week to discuss what I can do – if it was just a massive reaction because I was pregnant or if it means I have to take some more precautions.

So this is a warning to my local wasps, this summer we will be having zero tolerance of you – come close to the Muddling household at your peril, I have a can of wasp killer by my bed and I’m not afraid to use it!

Has anyone else found a way to effectively deter wasps?
Have you found a way to ensure that you aren’t attractive to them (could it be the scent of my milk that’s attracting them to me?)?
What’s the best wasp killer on the market?
Can you find a way to fill in a 10 foot square hole in my bedroom ceiling that doesn’t require us to take the roof off?

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16 comments to >Living with the fear

  • TheMadHouse

    >No ideas, but I sort of know your fear, as my brother is the same and has an epi pen

  • make do mum

    >No wonder you don't like them!
    We had a nest in the attic when we moved into our house and we'd find wasps everywhere – it was horrible. We took down the nest (once they'd all flown out in Winter) and I haven't seen them since. You can buy repellent from Boots or citronella oil can help. Good luck!

  • vegemitevix

    >Best wasp killer? Get someone NOT allergic to wasps to creep up to their nest at dusk and pour kerosine into it. Just don't light a match for a while after!

  • Jen

    >If you could put a voile curtain around your bed, tent like hanging from the ceiling, you could at least sleep in peace knowing no wasps can get at you. Wow though, that is a scary reaction to have, I hope the Dr can help you out so that your anxiety will ease a little. Jen.

  • Fiona

    >I am scared of them too and have passed this fear on to my kids!

  • Bronagh

    >Utterly understand this fear – even the sight of that pic has me twitching!!

    No ideas on how to deter them, but I keep a can of Vapona Wasp & Fly Killer on my desk at work, which does kill them (or at least incapacitate them long enough for me to get the courage to stamp on them or squish them with an A4 notebook!) It's pretty smeely though, so that may not be good for you wuth the kiddos around…

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >I am allergic too! And I am terrified of the idea of having this one passed on to little L. Usually I wait till the offender has taken a seat on the window and then BANG…

  • 1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books)

    >You poor thing. I'm afraid of them too, but have no good reason like you – rather it's because I've never been stung, which of course – in my warped mind – means that technically a single wasp sting might kill me, we just don't know it yet!
    Given I've escaped stings thus far, I'm trying desperately to think of useful tips about being me that might help… no postable ones spring to mind though unfortunatley. Good luck though, you have my utmost sympathy.

  • ThatGirl39

    >No wonder you're scared of them! SC has a real fear of them and goes crazy if one comes near her – this fear started to transfer to bee's and then flies too. I have a real time of it trying to clam her. She's never been stung but remembers seeing a little boy at preschool being stung. I think my mother may have panicked around her too – which possibly didnt help! As for keeping at bay…. only MM's idea of whacking 'em when on the window comes to mind. Hope you have a sting free summer xx

  • The Moiderer

    >I think nearly dying from a sting gives you every right to be terrified of wasps. I think a mosquito net round the bed is a really good idea to give you a relaxed sleep

  • Heather

    >what about a mosquito net? I hate wasps too. nasty little buggers.

  • Heather

    >what about a mosquito net? I hate wasps too. nasty little buggers.

  • Reasons

    >Bugger! Wrote a comment and lost it. Anyhoo, was just saying I don't know much about things to deter them but when I lived in Canada we were told the mosquitos were attracted to the blue dye in denim. Not sure if wasps have a similar preference. Good luck and take care!

  • Mwa

    >That IS scary. I hope your doctor can tell you some good advice.

  • april

    >GAH wasps – No idea what to do :s wish I did as then I would do it myself. I know they like bright colours. I wish i knew what they didn't like…oh – hole in ceiling – a very large peice of masonite or chipboard or MDF? Or, maybe fabric and a staplegun or glue?

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