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>Happy half birthday Babygirl


I cannot believe that it has been six months since Babygirl joined our family.

I’m also astounded that we survived the last six months more or less intact.

Toddlergirl has adapted to not being an only child and either ignores Babygirl or treats her like a slightly irritating adjunct to her her life.  Interspersed by occasional moments of sweetness that make me hopeful that they will enjoy being so close in age to each other in the future.

I’ve learnt how to carry two children at once and how to do a myriad of other things whilst breastfeeding.  In short, thank goodness for slings.

Mr and I may finally be making some progress forward after the wrecking ball of two children 18 months apart.  I’m travelling hopefully on that one !

Babygirl has improved heaps – she no longer screams for hours at a time, no longer needs feeding every other hour around the clock and will actually lie on the floor and amuse herself!

No, she isn’t sleeping through the night but I think we’ll get there at some stage.  She goes to bed well, just wakes up in the night wanting milk and cuddles and I’d rather co-sleep and have some rest than have battles just yet.

She’s beginning to show her proper personality – she has started to bounce when offered a bit of cucumber to chew, to try with a determined grimace to worm crawl across the floor (current maximum distance travelled is about two inches) and loves a laugh, her current favourite is my silly voices to Hairy McClairy.

In short, our little fighter continues to be a determined little mite, and has enriched our family immeasurably by joining us.

I’d just rather not go through the last six months again in too much of a hurry – we’ve come a long way baby, thank goodness the first six months are over!

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9 comments to >Happy half birthday Babygirl

  • JulieB

    >Ah, bless… I know what you mean about being glad the first six months are over. Of course newborns are sweet and lovely, and smell nice, but let's be honest, they are not very exciting, are they? I so much preferred my children from this age onwards when they started to interact so much more and develop a real personality. x

  • TheMadHouse

    >Here to the next 6 months, which really will fly by, enjoy

  • Alice

    >Hairy McLairy from Donaldson's Dairy! I am so looking forward to re-discovering all my favourite childhood books as we read them to our new arrival. Off to Amazon now to find this one!

  • Jen

    >I have an age gap of 16 months between my last two children and the first 6 months were very hard work. My youngest is 14 months now and it just gets easier every week:) It is great to have the small age gap because the hard bit passes very quickly. Isn't it amazing how in 6 months the little ones become such a huge part of the family 😀 Jen.

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >Mine are 18 months apart too. It's just really bloody hard for the first six months. That said I'm only 4 months ahead of you and there are amazing times and some testing times (just see the last few posts on my blog!). But I truly believe the small age gap is a good thing, mine already interact very sweetly together and give them a few years and they'll always have a playmate in each other. Hopefully!

  • Knackered Mother

    >Happy 6-month birthday! Mine had her first birthday this week, where has it gone? Time flies when you are having fun (or just too bloody tired to notice) x

  • jo

    >The first six months are scarily tough aren't they. There are two and a half years between my children and that was hard enough. Still, it definitely gets a bit easier and it's fantastic once they start to interact with each other more. Happy 6-months to your daughter.

  • Notes to self plus two

    >Congratulations to you both xxx

  • Rose

    >congratulations! and happy six months- I don't know how people manage one let alone two!

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