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>How very Kreativ !


I’m a lucky girl, three lovely ladies – Typecast, Being a Mummy and Its a Mummys Life have given me this pretty meme.

The rules of the game are to

1. Copy the award to my blog 

2. Insert a link to the person who nominated me

3. Tell you seven things about myself that I haven’t told you before

4. Nominate seven other bloggers for the award

5. Link to their blogs

6. Tell the nominees about their award

I’m not sure that there is much I haven’t shared… but I’ll have a go

1. I used to sing with the London Philharmonic Choir so have sung at the Proms, Royal Festival Hall and other fab stuff.  Except its not really terribly glamorous backstage.  That said, there’s nothing like the sound of 5,000 people applauding you!

2. I see my daily commute as a challenge – can I choose the place on the station so the doors open right by me, can I choose a door that opens right by the stairs, can I minimise the queues and distance walked.

3. I am trying to life with the contradictions which are wanting to live the good life at home (veggie patch, chickens, recycling, outdoors and back to basics) with my investment banker day job – I think my colleagues are more than a little confused.

4. I got a grade B in Latin A-level, and can still read it (admittedly slowly) and after a few glasses of wine sometimes get the urge to recite large sections of text I had to memorise …

5. I accidentally became Chair of my local NCT – not sure how that happened.

6. I’m going to carry on breastfeeding Babygirl at least until she’s one and then probably for a bit longer if she wants it.  So if you’ve asked me when I’m stopping and I haven’t told you this, sorry, I don’t want hassle but I’m going to do it.  I only gave up breastfeeding Toddlergirl because of the dehydration caused by the hyperemesis.

7. I do want a third baby – yes, after all the horridness of my last pregnancy that I wrote about here, I do.  But not for a bit.  But not too far away.

And the bloggers I’m going to pass this onto are

1. Big Beluga Baby – just returned to Kazakhstan, hopefully still able to connect to the internet, and an undiscovered gem

2. Bloomin’ Marvellous – recording the life of a new mum out in Hong Kong

3. Diary of a surprise mum – another feeling the shine has gone off blogging

4. Young & Younger – the vlogging genius

5. Vegemitevix – a Technophobes Training Club guru in need of a bit of love

6. Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes – don’t be put off by the INCREDIBLY long title, she’s lovely really

7. Miss Searles – starting life over again and in need of some company on her journey

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