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>Technophobes Training Club – numbers, numbers everywhere !


If you don’t know who many people are reading your blog does it really exist?

If you haven’t found out that they found your blog by entering ‘hit the person next to you’* into Google, can you really understand your target audience?

Do you realise how empty your life is without oodles of data on who came from where and what they did?

If this hasn’t sent you running for the hills then this week’s tutorial is just for you – this week I’m getting to grips with the various ways to track these things and the best places to find them.  As always, some people prefer different places so I’m going to try and run through the simplest.


Are you on Twitter?  Do you want to do know how influential you are?  Then this is the tool for you

Its very simple – enter your Twitter name, hit go and ping, there you go.  If you register you can get them to update your data regularly and see lots of stats about what type of Twitter user you are and who you engage with most.

Asking around, the general view is that the people in the Tots100 usually have a score in the 40s or higher.


This is free and gives you a ridiculous amount of information.  Sign up and then add in a badge which allows them to track you (just like in this tutorial for Blogger and this one for WordPress) and off you go – number of visitors, where from, what they looked at, what they were wearing!

Be warned, its horribly addictive!


This is more or less the same but with more data – this tracks 500 entries vs Sitemeter’s 100 but has less information on them.  Same way to install and equally addictive (I’ve got both running at the moment until I make a decision as to which works best for me – I’m sure our gurus have thoughts on which is better)

These give you all the information you need to start worrying about how big your blogging bum is and so on, be warned there is no way to go back once you start (ok you can just delete but could you, really ?)


If you have a way with technology you want to share, if you find the answer to getting technology to work without making your brain go splat, if you manage to get Technorati to recognise you then write a post, mention the club & link to this page and come over and put in the link so I can add to our how to guide – come on, we’re all Technophobes together and sharing means someone else won’t accidentally post the same thing 5 times whilst trying to put up a new picture… or something… because obviously that never happened.

* yes, really, truly, it happened to me

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18 comments to >Technophobes Training Club – numbers, numbers everywhere !

  • BNM

    >I've added my tiwtter to Klout but there's a wait apparently!
    I use blogfrog – is that any good? I saw it on someone else's and it lets you know the last people(if they are regiestered with blog frog) who have visited your blog!


  • Lisa

    >For some reason it's really clever and told me what you were too! Apparently you are a 'Persona' whereas I'm a 'Connector' – only got a clout of 22 though – some work to do ;o)

  • Hearth-mother

    >Erm, finding this all too scary; one of the ones running for the hills, I'm afraid!

  • JulieB

    >Does anyone have any views on Google Analytics vs Sitemeter etc? I have tried it – looks like it could give a lot of data if you had a lot of visits, but it doesn't seem to be picking (m)any visitors up for me.

  • Jen

    >I use google analytics just because it was so easy to use with blogger, just copy and paste some html code and it doesn't even show up on the site. It is very interesting to be able to track information. For anyone that doesn't want that kind of detail there is a lovely 'twirly flashy world' I use to count visits from different countries, or Feedjit is good too (another counter with more info). Jen.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >BNN – I've never heard of Blogfrog, off to have a look at that !

    Lisa – that's probably a reflection of my addiction !

    Hearth-Mother -oh no! please don't be scared!

    JulieB – I did have google analytics but gave up for stat counter / site meter, they just seemed to tell me more stuff, no such thing as too much information though

    Jen – oh nice shiny new things to look at, thanks Jen

  • make do mum

    >I've got google analytics which I don't really understand but I like the 'keywords' bit – what people have googled to get to your blog. I pity the fool that typed 'photo album plastic pants' and got my blog instead.

  • Mwa

    >I use Google Analytics for the search terms, and Sitemeter to snoop on visitors. It can be horribly inaccurate, though. My husband came up as a Mac user, which he's not. His browser was all wrong as well.

  • lisa

    >I use google analytics with my other sites, it would be great to add my 2 blogs as well.
    I'm a bit confused how to do it – could someone run through it for the next blog post, pretty please?
    I'm failing at the 'verify' bit – do I just put the html code they suggest in a text widget anywhere, or does it have to be somewhere specific?

  • lastofthemojitos

    >I just got Technorati working today!! I wouldn't mind sharing with all of you if you want to include for a future technophobes training club lesson? Should I email you? I'm probably way behind the posse…

  • lastofthemojitos

    >I just got Technorati working today!! I wouldn't mind sharing with all of you if you want to include for a future technophobes training club lesson? Should I email you? I'm probably way behind the posse…

  • lastofthemojitos

    >I just got Technorati working today!! I wouldn't mind sharing with all of you if you want to include for a future technophobes training club lesson? Should I email you? I'm probably way behind the posse…

  • Chrissie

    >I'm a sucker for stats. These are great and going to have a look at them now.

    Holy crap! I got 62 on Klout! Now what do I do with it????



  • Chrissie

    >Just been looking at Technorati score…I won't share it as I have no idea if it's good or bad. This is my mission tomorrow to get my head around it and will report back.

  • Babies who brunch

    >I honestly wish I'd never heard of blog measuring sites!! That said, if even a couple of people are stopping by that's still really a big compliment I reckon. Okay, so they might not be sticking around, but hey!

  • Chrissie

    >Been doing a bit of research on Technorati Authority. All a bit confusing. They used to measure it by the number of incoming links, including blogrolls, but found that people could manipulate scores so have changed it recently.

    As far as I can work out a persons authority is measured on a score from 1-1000. 1 being low and 1000 being high (good). There is a lot of criteria they use but in a nutshell it equates to popularity.

    I was a bit nosey and had a look at the rankings of a few of the top uk bloggers and for the most part they seem to score between 400 and 500.

    But there is debate whether the rankings are really worth anything and I agree with Babies who brunch that even if a few people stop by it's worth it.


    Chrissie (www.mediocremum.com)

  • ThatGirl39

    >Ooh thanks am off to go and play with Klout! I use Statcounter but wish I knew how to put Google analytics into my blog. It involves messing with your HTML coding layout I think which Im loathe to do. If you know different, please let me know! x

  • RebaMc

    >Help!!! I've tweaked my site and lost my google analytics stats. I can't make head nor tail from the google site of how to get them back… anyone had to do this before who could help??!!

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