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>Notes from my smallholding – digging is good for your soul


Its officially Spring.

After last year being a washout in the veggie patch due to me mostly vomiting my way through March and April, this year I’ve been determined to get things properly under control.

The weekend saw me out digging (aided and abetted by Toddlergirl who seems to like nothing as much as getting covered in mud!) and I’ve managed to take the two newer areas and dig them over, remove barrowfulls of weeds, transplant a load of raspberry canes from random places and generally get the place ready.

I’ve got some carrots and spinach sowed and managed to get my seed potatoes off the boot room windowsill and into the ground !

Things are starting to come together !

Next big task is to get the electric fence I got for my birthday out and operational before anything green and tasty appears to tempt the deer and the rabbits.

And I think I’ve decided on the breeds to restock our chicken run – I can’t face not having chickens around (let alone having to pay for eggs) so I think its time to find us some new hens – can’t wait !

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11 comments to >Notes from my smallholding – digging is good for your soul

  • Jen

    >That is the most original birthday present I ever heard of:) Jen.

  • TheMadHouse

    >Good old electric ffence, I always thought cows just ate in a straight line

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >What happened to Ginger?

  • Nova

    >How exciting. We have the space for chickens but I've always been a bit hesitant. Can't wait to hear what you do next. :0)

  • Hearth-mother

    >I wouldn't be without chickens now. We only have two, but it is still incredibly economical in comparison to paying for eggs!

  • Babies who brunch

    >our toddler is obsessed with digging with daddy in the garden… it was all i could do to stop him digging UP the geraniums they'd just planted the other day.

    if only we could keep chickens. sorry, "kitchens" as he calls them. he'd be over the moon!

  • Hayley

    >Wow sounds like you've been busy! I'd LOVE to have hens but landlord wont allow it 🙁

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Jen – would it be better or worse if I said I'd asked for it …

    TheMadHouse – you mean they don't ?

    BiB – Ginger is alive & well & residing at my parents, unfortunately her friends were victims of the 2 legged fox … Hopefully son of Ginge will be coming back as our resident cockeral

    Nova – don't – I want a pig, or some goats … but have to persuade Mr, was going to be bees but after last years bee sting thing perhaps not

    Hearth-Mother – its not just the eggs, I like the company, they're just lovely to have around the place, aren't they?

    Babies who brunch – my nephew is the same – he loves coming to visit & to harras, sorry, meet ours

    Hayley – there is mucking out … its not all bucolic idyll, honest

  • Dan

    >Light Sussex, that's my tip. We have one an she is incredibly amusing and friendly.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Dan – we've had light sussex before, v chilled – but am tempted by all manner of pretty hens. Suspect we will end up with Heinz 57s though !

  • Mwa

    >Very industrious!

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