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>The joys of the Secret Post Club


Heather at Notes From Lapland came up with a great idea, the Secret Post Club – quickly put each month you send a small gift to another blogger and receive one in turn.

This month I have been incredibly blessed to receive the most lovely gift from a blogger – a blogger I had never met before but who had taken the time to make something that she hoped would be liked by my girls.

Sarah has made them a beautiful – an utterly beautiful – throw.  Its beautiful, Babygirl adores it and in fact is currently sleeping on it.  Toddlergirl has already decided its her picnic rug.  I think its great because when we go visiting I have a place Babygirl can lie down and have a roll without having to worry about her being sick on someone’s nice carpets (we’re at my mother in laws this weekend who has recently recarpeted in light beige – not having to worry about Babygirl leaving marks behind has made things a LOT more relaxed for me)

And on top of all of this, Sarah has been moving house and still found time to do this.

Sarah – thank you so much, this is a beautiful, thoughtful gift that I am going to treasure – I am incredibly touched by it.

If you’re interested, considering contacting Heather and joining in – not only do you get a bit of post that isn’t a bill but you also get to meet some new bloggers.

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