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>Technophobes Training Club – the Disqus Discussion continues


Tim from Bringing up Charlie has stepped up to explain how to install Disqus if you’re using Blogger – here’s his step by step guide with pictures.

If you’re having problems, he’s a friendly chap and can be found on Twitter for questions

Over to Tim!


Go to the ‘Layout’ tab on the ‘customise’ page and click ‘edit html’

IMPORTANT: click ‘download full template’ before going any further! And make a note of where it’s stored.

Now the interesting bit. On the DISQUS site you’ll be asked to upload your template, which you can do as simply as clicking on the ‘upload and continue’ button if you’re logged in.

What happens next is that DISQUS creates an entirely new template for your blog, including the DISQUS comments section. If all goes to plan installation should be automatic, but I wasn’t  lucky. Nothing happened. In which case you need to copy the ENTIRE patched template from the DISQUS site and paste it here, having first deleted EVERYTHING in this box (Which is why you need to download the template).

Click ‘save template’, take a look at your blog and all should be well!

Good luck!

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4 comments to >Technophobes Training Club – the Disqus Discussion continues

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    >I think it's really useful but my problem with this is I have no time to reply to everyone individually. I feel bad enough as it is in just saying thanks for the comment on my blog!!

    But thanks Tim.
    CJ xx

  • Jen

    >I have been thinking of trying disqus. Am a little unnerved about the template thing but I have backed up my blog from changing my template a few weeks back so whats the worst that can happen? (touch wood lol). Thanks Tim:) Just a question, is the only advantage of disqus over the normal blogger comment system that you can reply to each comment individually? Am I missing something? Thanks again. Jen.

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Tim – maybe it is my cookies (if only they had chocolate in), but Disqus is the only thing that I have a problem with. I wouldn't mind so much but the log in system seems to be longer and require more information than the other systems too – the usual blog name, email but then also a special password (which I can never remember which doesn't help!).

    I've some questions like Jen though – what are the benefits of Disqus over the other commenting systems – particularly Intense?

    Thanks! I'll get there in the end. Not a great techie me.

  • RebaMc

    >I tried installing Disqus as directed but it came up with something like 'your blog is already too modified', so I tried to do it the manual way but failed too… bah!

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