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>Baby led weaning diaries – here we go again


Babygirl seems to have decided that she is ready for more than just milk in her life – she grabbed a bit of pepper off my plate at the weekend and happily had a chew on it.  When we offered her a bit of banana to see if she was really interested in solids she fell on it like a starving velociraptor and it disappeared in record time!

So we are moving on a stage and back into the world of baby led weaning (“BLW”) which we sort of followed when Toddlergirl moved onto solid foods.  I blogged about it a while back because it was such a success and made our lives a lot easier.

So this time around we’ll be doing the same thing – in fact because I’m still a bit worried about Babygirl’s dodgy tummy (she’s still the sickest baby anyone knows and she seems to have issues with various things I eat) I’m even keener to do it this way – by following BLW she will eat what she fancies and can put in her mouth herself and hopefully we’ll avoid us over feeding her, giving her stuff she can’t deal with developmentally and if things don’t agree with her she can easily spit them out!

And of course I’m going to blog about it – this is our diary of our BLW experience and how it worked for us!

Sunday, 4th April
Babygirl is sitting up by herself (well momentarily or with a bit of support, she’s not quite there on her own in the middle of the floor) so we’re going to get the high chair back out and sit her in it for mealtimes so she can join in with us – she’s getting frustrated being down on the floor whilst we’re all up the table enjoying ourselves!  Typical Muddling – doesn’t want to be left out!  Only trouble is now she’s sitting up at the table with us, she’s following us eating obsessively – eyes watching from plate to mouth and back again…
Monday, 5th April
Appears that Babygirl thinks its time to move on from milk – she swiped a bit of pepper off me whilst Toddlergirl was having her teeth and had a good gnaw.  She got a good couple of chunks off, gagged a bit on one but her tongue thrust reflex seems to have gone and I reckon some went in.  Tried her on a chunk of Toddlergirl’s banana and she went nuts for it – grinned from ear to ear and chortled away at (presumably telling Toddlergirl that she’s going to make a claim for her share of the fruit bowl).
Tuesday, 6th April
Nappies confirm that something is going in and coming out the other end!!!
Tried pear – she loved it.  Munched away on chunks and handed back the skin when she’d done eating the rest of it.


If you want to read more about baby led weaning, what to feed them, how to do it and even to join a forum so you can chat with others doing the same thing, there’s a great site, called babyledweaning !

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3 comments to >Baby led weaning diaries – here we go again

  • Holly Homemaker

    >We're BLW too! πŸ™‚ Like Babygirl, O-Boy has dodgy guts (Dairy and Gluten intolerant) so I'm hoping BLW will help him develop a healthy relationship with the foods that he *can* eat.

  • Sophie

    >we're doing this for the second time too! our little girl E is nearly 1 now and although she's is a bigger baby than her older brother she didn't really get enthusiastic about it until 10months! She still likes breast milk so much!
    Hope you enjoy the journey!

  • Katherine

    >I BLW'd #3; wow, what a difference it made…no mashing and mushing plus #3 eats everything…we have just come back from Spain where he happily tucked into octopus, GARLIC chicken, beef (not much for the veggie where we went). He feeds himself, no probs, indeed, he is now keen to sit in a 'proper' chair, like his brother and sister and grabs what he wants if tapas is on offer.

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