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So you wanna be in my gang? Join the Technophobes Training Club!

Technophobes Training ClubRoll up, roll up, today, April Fool’s Day (admittedly rather late in the day… there were a few technical issues… perhaps fittingly) we’re launching the Technophobes Training Club!

Aim: to short cut through the pages of not so useful google searches and help through the techy side of blogging know how.

You want to add pictures, links, learn about your stats, get buttons that you can click on to go places, go vlogging, become self hosted – ladies & gentlemen, this is the place to come looking.

And because technology isn’t something I seem to wrestle with, I have rounded up a group of lovely bloggers who have been here, seen it, crashed their blog and learnt from it and will share their knowledge so that you don’t have too many of those palm to forehead moments.

May I present our gurus – step forward:

Me, muddling through trying to actually work out how to work this blog thing and worrying Mr Muddling by mentioning HTML in conversation when I don’t usually have anything to do with techy stuff.

Karin from Cafe Bebe – the template tweaking and vlogging queen (and wearer of many lovely tiaras)

Vicki from Vegemitevix – owner of not one but two blogs but not a split personality and who has taught herself all about how to build a blog from scratch

Tim from Bringing Up Charlie – a proper published writer, a man who has managed to move his blog to a custom domain without losing the blog or his sanity and who knows how to launch a great meme.

Chrissie from Mediocre Mum – who isn’t at all mediocre and despite being a good Twitter friend, I realised today I’d not subscribed to her blog (oh the shame) and you should do, its great, and she has grand plans involving Skype and live chats!


The plan is quite simple – once a week, check back here and there’ll be links to new posts explaining how to do various things.

If you like it, consider putting the club badge on your blog (you see the badge over on the right, have a look at the next bit for more about how to install).

If you’ve worked out how to do something blog about it and then come over here and Mclinky the post so others can read it and learn from what you’ve done.

If you want something explaining, ask on Twitter, in the comments or by email and there’s bound to be someone here who can work it out.

And to kick proceedings off, a how to;

How to install a badge on your bog

I’ve written a little html button that you might want to pop onto your blog to say that you’re getting involved in this – I’m going to explain how to put it onto your page in Blogger and then hope that one of the WordPress gurus (Karin – help !) will come over and explain WordPress.

Install a button in your sidebar in Blogger

In your Blogger dashboard go to Layout, Page Elements (as in the picture).


Click on Add Page Element in whichever bit you fancy adding it (down one side usually works well)

When this brings up a short menu click on the HTML/JavaScript one.

Add in the text below so the box looks like this

And click save … and it should pop up ok on your sidebar – play around with where it sits and you’ve got yourself an HTML button !

The text you want to enter is

Good luck !

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13 comments to So you wanna be in my gang? Join the Technophobes Training Club!

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >Ooh, am I a GURU??! 😉

    Can't wait to see what we all can come up with.

    Well done you lay-dee!


  • Hot Cross Mum

    >I love you! I'm in with bells on. Great idea. Hoping you're going to cover how to get your blog header image to fill the width of the page and how to use fonts which are a tad more interesting than the usual suspects. Yeay!

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >Ooh very good, I am looking forward to all your hints and tips to bring my blog upto date with all the latest techie stuff.

  • Chrissie

    >I'm by no means a techie geek but have learned loads and would be more than happy to help if I can. Any questions do drop me a tweet (@mediocre_mum)



  • Nickie @ Typecast

    >None of the "it should look like this" pics work – is that my computer or the picture link…

    I've got a bit of experience with the Blogger gadgets and pre-written templates so give me a shout if you need another team member 🙂

  • Jen

    >Woohoo, well done and thanks to all the Gurus who will help:) Jen.

  • planb

    >This is awesome! You may well all become my new best friends..! Thank you!

  • Mummy Bear

    >You have just cheered me right up…BRING IT ON…I am the ultimate technophobe so will be a regular! THANK YOU< THANK YOU< THANK YOU

  • notwavingbutironing

    >How generous of you to give up your time to do this – thanks! I can't even get the British Mummy Bloggers badge to stay on my site (it seems to have somewhere else to disappear to) so I'll be following regularly.

  • Young Mummy

    >What a fantastic idea! I'm not naturally a techy person but am quite enjoying trying to get my head round this blogging stuff so will be great to have a bit of help. And now I know how to add a badge properly! I have been doing it wrong all along…

  • jumblyMummy

    >A great idea and one I had been thinking needed doing for some time. I am a techy by day (and blogger by night) and I write websites for a living but some bits of blogger do my nut in. I recently tried installing both Disqus (I failed, it didn't like my template) and IntenseDebate so would be happy to share my experiences. I also know of some great HTML and CSS resources for beginners.

  • JulieB

    >Great idea, you can count me as a member!

  • […]  Sign up and then add in a badge which allows them to track you (just like in this tutorial for Blogger and this one for WordPress) and off you go – number of visitors, where from, what they looked […]

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