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>My cup runneth over… & not in a good way


I went to having children knowing that it would do all manner of strange things to my body but in the hope that it would all be worth it. And also if I’m being honest in the expectation that we are supposed to have babies so really what changes could it really make ???

Well I’ve bored you about my issues with my ladybits but I’ve never mentioned that there’s something extra going on in the boob department (yes those ones that have sort of gone out on their own and developed personalities).
I was ok with the fact that after a stretch mark free first pregnancy my milk coming in meant I got ENORMOUS boobs and stretch marks (at least better on your boobs, they’re covered up if you wear a bikini and a tummy isn’t !)
But second time around I rather stupidly thought that everything would expand the same as it did with Number One. But it appears that that isn’t the case and that the incredibly expanding breasts are continuing to incredibly expand and that its only now I’m back at work I realise just how far they have expanded, because my bras, the ones I thought fit, don’t really fit.
And to be fair I should have realised that perhaps pregnancy is a cumulative thing and my bras might not be able to cope with two in less than two years.
But it wasn’t awfully fair on my colleague across the meeting room table who was desperately trying to look everywhere but at me.  And I wondered why so I looked down to see what he was trying to not look at I saw my cups had literally run over.

 You’ve heard of back hamsters, I had boob hamsters!

Could be worse – could have been leaking. Have some horror stories about that… !
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6 comments to >My cup runneth over… & not in a good way

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Love the new look of the blog! YOu are so not a technophobe. Look at you, all extra columns and gadgets galore! I'm seriously impressed. x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Um that wouldn't be me, that would be outsourcing the wonderfulness to Liz at Violet Posy (a going back to work present to myself !)

  • Jen

    >The new look is great:) Nobody ever tells us that pregnancy is a cumulative thing. My last two children have a 16 month age gap so my poor tummy/boobs never got to get anywhere near their original state before I was off again, sigh. I don't really care anymore though, not even when my eldest wobbles my tummy and calls me 'jelly belly' lol. Go out shopping and treat yourself to new stuff to match the underwear you will be buying:) Jen.

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >Mine have gone the other way…they are REALLY small now, in fact I was even considering a boob job just to feel more grown up. I'm probably wearing the wrong bra size now, I think I have most of my life, pregnancy really messes with everything in my opinion, mind and body.

  • lastofthemojitos

    >Love your new look. I just had this same conversation with my friends last weekend. My boobs are like someone put a pin in them, the volume is gone and I'm a cup smaller than pre-pregnancy and I've only had one baby. They're now so small that they tend to fall out under the cup of my bras – I really need new underwear but I'm in denial. Oh the shame..

  • Modern Dilemma

    >Love the new blog, v. professional!

    On my first day at work after Only Son (child 2) I had an incident which involved breast milk squirting across the room. It was not good. Especially as it was the first day in a new job.

    Bad memory.

    MD xx

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