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>What a difference two years makes


Two years ago Toddlergirl had just arrived – born at 5.03am as the day started to get lighter. Remarkable mostly for her huge hands and long eyelashes.

I don’t remember too much about those first hours. I haermorraged shortly after she was born and missed them. I do remember it taking me 45 minutes to crawl up the stairs. And then curling up in bed with my new baby. And my parents bringing steak and clean towels and grabbing the baby for a cuddle within seconds of arriving.

This morning was very different. We curled up in bed with our two girls to open Toddlergirl’s presents. We chatted away with her whilst Babygirl showed off her new raspberry blowing skills.

Life is immeasurably more fulfilled than it was before we had our children. Two years seems both a very long and a very short time.

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