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>Giving up on Glee


Very Bored’s recent post on Glee struck a chord with me.  I heard the hype, I watched many episodes and I really wanted to like it, in fact really wanted to love it.

But I don’t, each week I’m left with a slightly empty feeling that it could have been better – funnier, quirkier, more tongue in cheek.  And it isn’t.  Its incredibly mainsteam and its never laugh out loud funny.  In fact its more mild smile of amusement.

And I’ve found myself sitting reading blogs whilst half watching over my laptop screen and then only really watching when the serious music bits are on.

I do admit to liking the music, even if it is horribly over produced and for some reason Rachel, despite her character having had singing lessons all her life, isn’t able to breathe silently.  Which I find strange, because every choir I’ve sung in has insisted on it and its not terrribly hard to do – you don’t hear the choir singing Beethoven’s Ninth at The Proms* all having a massive ssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttt instake of breath before each section, do you?

So Bored, you’re not alone, I’m also removing it from my record list and have bought myself Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to fill my evenings – their Gilbert & Sullivan series opener I think takes on Glee and beats it at its own game !

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*trust me, I’m using this example because I’ve been there and done it

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15 comments to >Giving up on Glee

  • TheMadHouse

    >I have never seen studio 60, tell me more. I like Glee because it is mindless, I dont have to think. I watch it when mini has gone to preschool on Sky+ and read blogs at the same time!

    All this signing in shows makes me think of Blackpool on the BBC a few years ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPHmRUoSxuk Me and MAdDad loved it even though they just sang over the songs

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Obviously I need to work out what Glee is as you lot are all starting to speak a foreign language.

  • Frau Hopkins

    >Completely agree, I have tried and failed to 'get into' Glee. I don't find it funny and I find the lead character's voice (Rachel?) whiny and annoying! Maybe I should give it another go but there seem to be better things on at the moment to watch!

  • ThatGirl39

    >Interesting…. I didn't start with Glee – only because I had too many other things on series link at the time. But I'm kinda glad I didn't – I still have Brothers and Sisters to get through…and… Cougar Town is coming!! Yay!! x

  • Jen

    >Twitter is always humming about Glee when it is on. Haven't gotten around to watching it myself yet but do want to see what I am missing, one of these days:) Jen.

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >Yay! You've made my day! xx

  • skirts and wellies

    >I can't get Cougar Town and I'm desperate for it! Lucky thatgirl39 In the meantime I will sing along to Glee. I can't give up now, Will has just found out about his psycho wife's pretend baby! My husband is bored of it, so I may not make it through series 2, but I still love the current series.

  • Liz@Violet Posy

    >Studio 60 is one of my favourite programmes of all time and it's such a shame it was only ever one series! Love it!!

    I'm kind of with you on Glee, it's a bit like Torchwood with me – I should love it but I don't.

  • nappy valley girl

    >I haven't seen Glee, although I know it is incredibly popular here in the US. There was a really sweet programme on in the UK last year about a choir- All the small things? I enjoyed it anyway.

    I have to say I've been slightly disappointed with all the new shows I've started watching in the US – Cougar Town, The Good Wife, Parenthood – they are OK, but just not classics, nor enough to make them appointment to view TV. The only one I have stuck with is Flash Forward, which is really very silly but I would quite like to see how it ends….

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >I admit to having watched none of it, but your post caught my eye because everyone bangs on about it. Glad I didn't bother!

  • planb

    >I've been wondering about Glee (can't watch, not B's thing) and trying to work out a way in which I can manage it. Glad I didn't bother now. Very tempted by Studio 60 though! G&S is the sound of my childhood…

    And you've sung at the Proms?! Wow! I've graced the RAH, but never at a Prom. Lucky (and talented) you.

  • Mama B

    >I'm enjoying Glee, but in a mindless always have the laptop on too sort of way, a bit like (to my shame) America's Next Top Model, trash telly.

    I loved Studio 60 though, I'm a massive Sorkin fan and of course a media geek and it doesn't disappoint. It's like Sports Night but more accessible, and has a lot of the same, very talented, actors as the West Wing. There might only be one season but there's a lot packed into it.

    My current favourite TV love is Mad Men. Do you watch that?

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I'm glad I'm not alone – Monday night's episode was just the end for me, I can't waste more of my evenings on this one when there are other things I'd like to watch (and books to read!)

    Haven't seen Mad Men and currently sticking my fingers in my ears – I don't need more TV right now (eek!)

  • bumblingalong

    >I looooove Studio 60! Wish it had been longer…

    Glee is OK – a bit of light entertainment to watch whilst hubbie is out and I'm checking my blogs 😉 I do like the music though!

  • Modern Dilemma

    >Studio 60 was AMAZING! I loved it and was gutted only one series was made. I do love Glee for its cheesiness and the song & dance routines but its writers should be take out & shot for crimes against the Writers Guild. (Sssshhh I didn't say that out loud OK?)

    MD xx

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