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>Lipstick is dead? No long live lipstick


The Office for National Statistics announced last week that it is amending its inflation basket and that they are going to remove lipstick and replace it with lip gloss.

Incredibly it seems that statistically lipstick is dead and lip gloss is the new lip colourant of choice.

Which I find really hard to believe – yes lip gloss has its place (in fact I seem to have cornered the market in the pretty pink tins of vaseline, I have them scattered in various bags and places just in case I need a quick fix), but lipstick does something totally different.

For me lipstick is my war paint – without a quick swizz of it I feel somehow not fully dressed for work.  In fact, my red lippy is an instant confidence boost – slip, slap and I’m ready to take on the full might of the corporate world.  I hid behind my red lipstick when I was feeling horribly sick and tired whilst newly pregnant and I conceal my current tiredness behind its bold statement.

Lipgloss – that’s for quieter, casual times.  Times when its sticky, tint matches a gentler, calmer mood.

Lipstick is my armour against the working world and for me its certainly not being excluded from my shopping basket.

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10 comments to >Lipstick is dead? No long live lipstick

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    >I don't know why they're always trying to change everything. Why can't lipstick still be just that?

    I rarely wear it unless I'm going out somewhere special and that's not often!

    CJ xx

  • http://reluctantmemsahib.wordpress.com

    >i'm with you on the lip gloss thing: vaseline in those neat little tins does it for me. i'm too old for propery lip gloss. but not for stick. funny that?

  • Jen

    >I rarely wear it, special occasions only. I didn't know it was in the basket, that gave me a giggle 🙂 Jen.

  • make do mum

    >I'm a big fan of rosy vaseline too. I don't usually wear lipstick or gloss unless I'm going out – my hair always seems to stick to it, not a sexy look!

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >I just re-discovered lipstick. It's much easier to wear with a baby, too. Lipgloss is sticky and all over the place, whereas lipstick tends to stick on your lips only (if correctly applied with biting on a tissue etc.).

  • vegemitevix

    >But I love lipsticks. Some people do the shoe fetish, I do the lipstick fetish (I always find my lipstick in the right size!). I like the Bobby Brown lipgloss though it's more shiny than sticky.

  • Twentysomething

    >No!! I love lipstick! The redder the better, when I put my red lipstick on I feel instantly transformed into someone else, someone who's not just mummy! Lipstick is for grown up times 🙂

  • Amy

    >no no no!!! I always have lipstick in my bag for sprucing myself up a bit. lip gloss is too sticky and my hair always sticks to my lips so annoying!!! xx

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >I like the way lip gloss looks on me, I find it difficult to find lipstick shades that really suit me, especially for day time, but I love the way lipstick feels, all thick and moisturising. I'm with Amy in that lipgloss just ruins my hair.

  • ThatGirl39

    >So with you on the red lipstick thing! When I get up feeling tired and looking like sh**e, I always go for the red lippy. That way, no one else really needs to know how knackered I feel… although the eyes possibly give it away! x

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