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>The sudden realisation that things are ok here & now


It’s amazing how things can suddenly hit you. There you are living in the moment and trying to relish the good things and ignore the less good things.

And then when you have a minute for reflection you suddenly realise that the heavens have aligned and right here and now things are good.

Sitting here, this very minute, I’ve realised that the last 15 or so hours have been good.

I went to the National Theatre with friends last night to see London Assurance and had a great time. It’s very funny in the way that a play with a character called Gaye Spanker can only be. I enjoyed being with old friends – the sort of friends with whom you seem to carry on the conversation you were having last time you met even though it was months ago.

Whilst we were there I got a message to say that a meeting I’d had during the day had gone well. It was an important meeting, so important I’d shoe- horned myself into a smart suit from the pre-baby days. And up until that point my chief achievement of the day had been not exploding out of my shirt and flashing my bra at all and sundry.

But the icing on the cake was going to bed late, in the certain knowledge of Babygirl needing a feed around 4am, only for her to sleep until 6.30 when I woke up! I had six (yes count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) hours of uninterrupted sleep! Neither girl woke me at any point during the night. This is unprecedented! I’ve not had more than 90 minutes of continuous sleep in what seems like forever!

I’m also wearing these shoes to brighten up my grey work suit and they seem the perfect accessory to my current mood! Hopefully a day in the office won’t completely destroy this fizzy happy feeling and things are looking up!

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